Even though wedding couples create a wedding registry to hopefully receive the gifts they want and need, they are also really helpful to you as a guest. There’s nothing worse than frantically trying to come up with a gift idea someone will love, especially when there are plenty of other people buying gifts for the same people for the same occasion. It might feel daunting staring at the long list of items on the wedding registry, but it’s not as difficult to choose the right gift as you might think. Here are a few things to consider when choosing wedding registry items.

Consider your budget

Every wedding registry should offer options that suit a range of budgets, from super affordable gifts to a few expensive ones. And don’t worry, the most extravagant gifts on the list are usually aimed at the couple’s families as they are, understandably, a lot more generous when it comes to their own relatives.

When you are choosing which item to buy, focus on the items that hit close to your budget. For example, if you’re able to spend around £50, look for items on the registry in the £40-£55 range. This way, it’s affordable for you, but you aren’t taking the more affordable options that are suitable for those with a smaller budget.

Make sure your gift choice is suitable

This one might seem a bit strange considering you are literally choosing gifts from a list provided by the couple, but it’s always smart to choose a gift that feels suitable to come from you. For example, if you’re known to have a house plant or two that you can actually keep alive, it would be fitting to gift the newlyweds with the bird of paradise houseplant that they’ve been hoping for. Similarly, if you’re a vegan, it’s probably not quite right for you to buy the butcher’s knife they’ve added to their gift requests.

Don’t feel limited to the wedding registry options

Although the gift registry is incredibly useful to ensure the couple are receiving gifts that they actually want, need, and will use, you don’t actually have to stick to their list. If there’s something else you had in mind that you really want to buy, that’s okay. This is particularly the case with personalised or sentimental gifts, as these are less likely to appear on a wedding registry.

It’s incredibly generous to spend your money on a wedding gift, especially when you will have already had to pay for certain things just to attend (think outfits and transport), so the couple won’t be dismissive just because the gift you bought isn’t something on their list. In fact, they are likely to be grateful for the extra thought and effort you put into the gift. 

Whether you choose to buy a gift from the couple’s wedding registry or go rogue with an offering of your choice, there really aren’t any rules. As long as you make sure it’s a fitting gift for the couple and something you think they will really appreciate, it’s a job well done!