Summertime can lead to a lull in learning – here are awesome resources to stave off summer brain drain

summer learning

Beginning Architecture

Mini Frank Lloyd Wrights of the world unite! This interactive, 3-part series provides the early fundamentals of structures, home design and even zoo design. The sky is the limit, and this series provides a strong foundation, putting the FUN in fundamentals with a truly engaging program. Summer is a perfect time to give this comprehensive online course a try – you’ll be grabbing marshmallows for camping, anyway. Why not do s’mores after you complete a project?

Zone Cleaning


Every season is a great time to teach your little ones, but the summertime is a special opportunity to learn about cleaning! Kids often have a little more time on their hands – and do a little more outdoor activity that brings in the dirt! Zone Cleaning comes with a DVD that explains cleaning step-by-step by room using visuals and includes a dry erase flipbook with checkboxes for each task to be completed. Kids learn from professionals and get a sense of accomplishment when they cross off their tasks.

Best of all, it teaches a more thorough approach to clean each zone, so the area doesn’t need extra attention afterward. Time well spent – and time saved for years to come!

Check out this blogger review for more insights: Zone Cleaning is What Every Mom Needs! Right now it’s 20% off. Stock up for summer!


Tegu On-The-Go Magnetic Blocks


These are the coolest! Remember geometric blocks from your own early school days? I used to have Haba brand and they’re no longer being made. But fear not! The Tegu blocks take the concept and run with it. These handcrafted geometric blocks have a beautiful color palette and more importantly – magnets! The possibilities are endless with hands-on play-learning about magnetic fields and chemistry while creating something unique. It comes with a handy carry pouch, too – perfect for road trips and easy-to-pack-up activities when you reach your destination.

Right now they’re 20% off at Educents.


Peel, Play & Learn Solar System Wall Play Set

solar system

Summer star gazing has always been a favorite activity. With clear skies and warmer nights, kids can simply look up and discover the universe! This reusable wall decal set brings it all back to learning (and hands-on fun) – in turn making the sky a boundless source for wonder and education. I love that these are made of non-toxic, reusable fabric that can be easily cleaned. A discussion about constellations during the day leads to discovery in the evening and vice versa, creating a fun, virtuous cycle of activity and learning. The solar system mini-set is perfect for summer trips, and you can expand the knowledge at home with the larger set.

Both are on sale at Educents now.

Mini version is $13.99 down from $22.99.

The larger version is $19.99, down from $28.99



Peel & PlayMini USA


Summer time often means time on the road visiting relatives. I love the idea of incorporating learning about the states with all of this travel! This mini-set of non-toxic, BPA free decals of the United States is a great way to avoid brain drain and boredom with relevant learning. And since it’s small, you can pack it up during a road trip and prepare for a 4th of July Quiz! How about a timely treat for those who can name all the states? The beauty of this set is that it’s great for many aged learners.

The set can also be used as a tool to keep track of the states you and your little ones have visited so far, and learn about what’s to come with visual and hands-on activities.

On sale now at Educents, for $14.99 down from $21.99.



eMedia Guitar Beginner Pack for Kids

guitar for kids

Time to face the music – but in a good way! SUMMER is coming and kids tend to want to flex their creative muscles a bit more than the rest of the year. This quarter-sized guitar is a great fit to kick-off a lifelong love of music.

Designed to keep kids engaged and learning, the comprehensive set includes software with 60 guitar sessions that use videos, songs, and specialized interactive music games. Maybe my favorite part is that you don’t need to know guitar for your learner become a rock star – instead, animated Gary the Guitar will lead the way, and guitarist and instructor (with a PhD!) demonstrates the skills your little one will learn. Music to my ears.

The set is on sale now at Educents for $79.95 down from $119.95.


Summer Worksheets


Stave off summer brain drain with worksheets! This tried-and-true method is more creative with the Evan Moor set. There are tons of worksheets to choose from, with age-appropriate challenges in subjects ranging from math to creative writing. How about a summertime creative writing challenge? Or working up to a sought after summer toy with math sheets? These are great for road-schooling during trips and making sure that your little ones are building on learnings from previous months. I really like the “How to Write a Story” for grades 1-3. Step-by-step guidance and writing prompts like “retell a fairytale” make learning doable and inspired.

Worksheets range from $9.99 to $29.99. Check them out!