Sphero – Programming fun with the Spherical Robot

Sphero Collage

Tech toys are becoming hugely popular! The Sphero 2.0 claims to be the “app controlled ball that does it all.” To put this assertion to the test, we had Sphero draw its own logo. We shot a video of the Sphero responding to our programmed commands and applied an echo effect to show the path the ball took. The project displays long-exposure shots which we took by leaving the camera’s shutter open. It wasn’t easy, but we had fun pulling it off with our Bluetooth smartphones! Click here to read our Sphero review

This is what happened!

Sphero Self Portrait

 Infographic provided exclusively to Red Headed Patti by EBAY

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  1. Wow! I hadn’t heard of this before. It looks super cool. I bet my kids would love it!

    • The apps you can download for lots of different games are great fun and it introduces kids to programming too – we’ve had a blast with it

  2. Definitely a great gift idea for those hard to shop for tweens and teens. Love that you use your gadgets to control the sphero!

  3. Sphero is a cool app sherical robot that can do a lot of awesome things that I think would be great to get for my son!

  4. Wow this is a cool techy toy for the kids, even for the grown ups. Awesome toy to promote learning too.

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