These easy to make, and easier to adore, beaded ribbon bookmarks are an ideal tween or teen craft and with the minimum of supplies they can be made in less time than it takes to say “Now then, what page was I on?”

One of the other fantastic plus points for the ribbon bookmarks is that they can be adapted to any theme, or to anyone taste which is especially important if your crafters want to make gifts to give to others.

You can use any width you like but make sure the charms or beads you use are in proportion to the width of the ribbon.

Beaded Ribbon Bookmarks: Materials

  • Ribbon
  • Ribbon crimps the same width as the ribbon
  • Charms
  • Beads, to match charms
  • Needle nose pliers or jewelry wire cutter
  • Split rings
  • Jewelry wire

Beaded Ribbon Bookmarks: Instructions

Step 1

Cut your ribbon to your desired beaded ribbon bookmark length. The beauty of this craft is that there is no right or wrong length for your bookmark. If you are unsure about what length to cut then I would suggest the following:

If the bookmark is for someone who mostly reads standard size paperback books you should cut lengths of approximately 20 inches or 51 cm. This will allow the charms and the beads to hang out of the bottom of most regular paperbacks. However, don’t worry, they do not have to be that length. As long as you use a relatively flat charm, the charm end of the bookmark can sit within the book and the beads can be left to dangle.

The same goes for hardback books. Use a flat charm and you can make the ribbon more or less and length. If you would like to use a thicker charm that will have to hang from the bottom of the book I would suggest a length of 25 inches or 64 cm.

Step 2

Using pliers, attach a ribbon crimp to each end of the ribbon.

Step 3

On one end of the beaded ribbon bookmark, attach your chosen charm using a split ring.

Step 4

Now set aside your ribbon and cut a piece of wire approximately 3 inches long. Wrap one end of the wire around the pliers in a spiral, to create a tight curl.

Thread the wire through your chosen beads and then secure the untwisted end by wrapping it around the pliers to create a tight loop. Use a split ring to attach the loop on the beaded wire to the second ribbon crimp and you’re all done. You now have a beautiful beaded ribbon bookmark to give as a gif or to keep for your self. Or maybe you can make one for yourself and every book lover in your life.

Beaded Ribbon Bookmarks Craft