I am beyond excited. The paperback edition of my new math book, Challenging Math Riddles for Kids is published today! The Kindle edition is already available on Amazon, but the paperback has lots of room for making notes, working things out, and leaving “Well done, you did it!” messages for the kids.

The book is chock-full of challenging puzzles that help kids have fun while boosting their logic, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The intro explains what a riddle is, how they differ from regular math questions. Plus, how to look at the phrasing of the riddle for clues to its resolution.

You can get a free, instant preview here: https://a.co/fasgmDX and you can write in the workbook on any electronic device with a touch screen.

Oodles Of Riddles

Inside spread of my new math book, Challenging math riddles for kids, showing one page detailing the Sumerian riddle, and another page featuring four riddles.

Discover a variety of math-based challenges that kids can solve solo or with friends and family. The book includes tricky number problems and clever wordplay.


Don’t worry – there’s an example of each type of riddle, along with plenty of instructions and explanations. I’ve set the book up so that kids are empowered, and have the chance to build confidence.

And if your math riddle skills aren’t too sharp – the answers are at the back of the book. Plus – if the solution isn’t obvious – there’s a run down of the answer, explaining the hows and whys.

Progressive Difficulty

The book’s listed as suitable for 8 to 12 year-olds but for younger kids who like a challenge can also enjoy it. Readers say it’s a fabulous option for older kids. who are struggling with math or could benefit from learning about lateral thinking.

Kids can warm up with simple riddles. Then they work their way through three mind-melting levels that get harder as they move through the book.

Classic Conundrums

Kids can also solve classic math riddles while learning crazy facts about their history. Then they can read about how they stumped ancient mathematicians and great thinkers alike.

Thank You to Callisto Media for My New Math Book for Kids

Also, I’d like to thank the team at Callisto Media who invited me to go on this new adventure. They’re a pleasure to work with, supportive, and convinced me they were right – I could do this!

Available on Amazon

Both the paperback and the Kindle edition of my new math book for kids are available on Amazon: