About “I Can Change the World” by I See Me

We were fortunate enough to be sent a copy of “I can change the world” by I See Me, my favorite personalized children’s gift company. Not only do they produce beautiful personalized children’s book but they also have a broad range of personalized placemats, stickers, growth chart, lunch boxes and more.

When you visit their site you can search by occasion – Birthday, Adoption, Hanukkah, Easter, Baby Gifts, back to school – or by theme such as Pirates, ballet & sports.

What we think

Evey was so excited to open the parcel and find a book with her name on the cover. Having a slightly unusual name, she can never find anything with Evey on it in the store which made the book extra special.

Evey Book Cover

We sat down together straight away to read her new book. ‘I Can Change the World’ is an uplifting book that inspires your little one to carry out acts of kindness. It shows them how, no matter who you are, you have the power to make a difference in the world.

The quality of the book is excellent. In some personalized books it looks like your child’s name has been typed in a predetermined gap. These lower quality books are OK but don’t feel like the kind of thing you would want to give as a special gift. I See Me books are beautifully produced, and the quality of the cover and the pages are exceptional. No ugly black block typing in a gap here! Your little one’s name is incorporated seamlessly into the illustrations and text.

Evey Book4

Evey Book 3

The gentle rhyme the story is told in is simple but lovely. Evey enjoyed it a great deal and was soon able to memorize much of it. She also took to the idea of random acts of kindness to heart and had been trying to do something good for someone every day!

Where you can buy, I See Me Books?

You can view the wide range of I See Me books, growth charts, stickers, lunch pails and so much more on their website www.ISeeMe.com Also available on their site are virtual tours of all the books so you can see exactly what your book will look like!


  1. My kids would love this book…not only is it personalized but it teach good morals! I want to win other contests but this would make a great giveaway!