Staying active in winter as a family is a great way to bond as you enjoy the holidays, so it’s good to find some things you can all do together. Read on to see five good winter activities you can do to make the most of your holidays as a family.

Go Ice Skating

In this season, there are bound to be many places where you can go ice skating. If your family is up to it and they all enjoy having a great time on ice, this should be at the top of your list. It should cost you a relatively small amount, especially if you have the equipment you need for that. If your family is one of those that make up the 95% of Americans who live within one hour’s drive of a body of water that’s navigable, you can find out if it’s safe and possible to go ice skating there. Just make sure that everyone has the right gear and you know the safety measures, and you will have an amazing time.

Create an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Your Kids

Children love scavenger hunts, so you can create one outdoor for yours. Keep the season in mind and dress them up for the cold while also keeping up with the day’s weather. If there are any chances of storms and severe weather, you should put safety first and put off the scavenger hunt to a time when there won’t be any risk. If you can find a way to do it, have your children also wear costumes and you will take the scavenger hunt to a whole new level.

Bundle Up for a Hike

While hikes may be synonymous with the warmer months, you can still go on one in winter and enjoy it. With the U.S. expenditure on healthcare standing at almost three times more than any other country in the world, you should make sure that your family is dressed up for the weather to keep their health in good shape. Check the weather reports and don’t go too far, but make the most of the amazing scenery and winter landscapes that you would not get to enjoy in the summer.

Learn How to Snowboard or Ski

There’s no better time to learn how to ski or snowboard than the winter, so if it’s been on your bucket list for a while, this is the perfect time to do it. Go as a family and take some videos and pictures to keep the fun moments alive. You can also use them to measure your learning curve if it’s something you will do every winter, and you will all be glad to see where you started from and how much you’ve improved.

Visit a Local Park to Sled

Finally, it’s the season for sleds, and this means that you can find sleds at a local park near you. With the average American spending a whopping 93% of their life indoors, you can help your family bring this number down by taking them out for fun whenever possible. If you have smaller children, this is something that they will be able to enjoy along with older ones, so it makes an amazing holiday experience for the winter.

Winter doesn’t have to be all dull and gloomy or spent indoors. You can start new traditions for your family by trying out the five suggestions above, and if there’s one that everyone enjoys, make it your go-to and you will enjoy all the other winters that are to come.