Every bride wants to feel confident on their wedding day. After all, it is one of the most important days of their lives. Of course, for many people, confidence comes with looking and feeling great, which is why it is essential to take steps to achieve this in the run-up to your day. Here, we look at what you can do to increase your confidence before the big day.

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Ensure You Eat Correctly

When it comes to the wedding day, many brides (and grooms!) are so overwhelmed, busy with preparations, and excited that they forget to eat properly. However, it is essential to eat and eat the right things. Eating well will give you the energy you need to keep you going through the day. It will also help keep the nerves at bay and, if you enjoy sugary snacks, stop the sugar crashes.

Eat as healthily as possible in the days leading up to the wedding to ensure that you have the most energy possible on the big day. Foods high in fiber include berries, lentils,  beans, and brassica vegetables such as broccoli. Consume plenty of healthy fats in things like avocados, nut butter, and olive oil to help with energy levels and great-looking skin. 

Make Sleep A Priority

One of the crucial things in looking and feeling your best on your wedding day is getting enough sleep in the run-up. Rest impacts everything from your skin to your energy levels, from hormone levels to emotions.

When you are long-term sleep-deprived, getting eight hours the night before an important day is not always enough; you sometimes need several good nights to catch up and for your body to be well-rested.

Consequently, during the week leading up to your wedding, make an effort to get at least eight hours of sleep every night.

Have a Hair and Makeup Trial Run

Hair and makeup are a big deal for many brides. For this reason, it is crucial to pick a hairstylist and makeup artist with whom you feel comfortable and have a trial run well in advance of your big day. These trial runs are especially important if you plan to try something very different from your usual look, such as a dramatic makeup look or using a style that requires tape in hair extensions.

It also gives you an idea of how long it will take on the big day, and plan accordingly around your hair and makeup. 

Don’t Deviate From Your Normal Routine

Whether it is a new face mask or a new shape for your brows, the period leading up to your wedding is not the best time to experiment with your beauty regimen.

If you want to try out new treatments or products before the wedding, make sure to buy them and use them at least one month before the big day. This will give you plenty of time to experiment with them without getting skin irritation or having your eyebrows crooked as a result.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moiturize

Skin looks its best when adequately hydrated – and that’s what you want for your wedding day. Going to bed is never a good idea without first applying a thick, moisturizing night cream to your skin. This will keep your skin hydrated as you sleep.

In the mornings, follow up your cleansing with a moisturizing day lotion which will help keep skin smooth and supple throughout the day. If you are going to be outside in the sun, remember to use an SPF product to keep your skin from becoming burned or otherwise damaged.

It also goes without saying that drinking plenty of water will help your skin look fabulous, too. 

Relax and Enjoy Your Big Day

The run-up to your big day can be stressful, and it is not unusual to find many couples bickering over seating plans, music, flowers, DIY wedding crafts, and other details. It is vital to put these aside and enjoy some time together. Forget the wedding planning for a day, head to a theme park for some fun, or enjoy a quiet dinner together.

Ultimately, your wedding will be a day that you will never forget. The two of you will exchange wedding vows in front of family and friends and have a truly magical day. Planning and taking some time in the run-up to the wedding will ensure that you look and feel great on the day itself.