Summer is approaching and with it comes wedding season. For a while, weddings became increasingly more elaborate and therefore expensive until an attitude change seemed to occur and now DIY is the new expensively purchased.

Here are a number of my favourite wedding DIYs with links to there sites they came from so you can go visit and discover more gorgeous items to craft.

Easy Flower Pot Centerpiece

Seen onHearth and Vine

Quote from the website: “My sister showed me a picture of something a friend of hers made. It was a flower pot centerpiece. She knew I would want to make one too, and of course, I did. This particular photo showed a terracotta pot within a pot, planted with pansies and a candle in a hurricane vase.”

DIY Bridesmaid Balls

Seen on – Mooshu Jenne

Quote from the website:  “Lately, I have been working on the bridesmaids flowers that the girls will walk down the aisle with. At first of course I thought about fake and real flowers. After working as a florist for some time I learned that real flowers while beautiful they die and are quite pricey.” 

DIY Inscribed Beach Stone Wedding Centerpiece

Seen on –  Sustain My Craft Habit

Quote from the website:   “We recently saw a fun idea of having guests write messages onto stones as a keepsake at a wedding. We’ve adapted this idea to use rocks inscribed with wedding-related words to incorporate into a natural centerpiece with beautiful fresh seasonal flowers. We’ve use hydrangeas in this example but any flowers of your choice such as roses, lilies, or tulips. Just use a glass jar with a clear bottom that the rocks can be easily seen through.” 

DIY Love Sign

Seen on – A Bride on a Budget

Quote from the website: “Signs at weddings are so fun and can add a nice touch. But they can also take a huge chunk out of your budget. So the more DIY wedding signs you have, the better.”

“Light ‘Em Up” Sparkler Send-Off Kits

Seen onBespoke Decor

Quote from the website:   “Some of my favourite photos around Pinterest are of sparkler send offs at weddings. They’re just SO much fun and magical to be a part of.”

DIY Etched Wine Glasses

Seen onThe Pinning Mama

Quote from the website:   ” I saw them on Etsy as gifts and wedding accessories, but at as much as $20 each, I knew I could easily whip these up more affordably.  It was quick, easy and adorable, so I am excited to share the step by step on how to make these adorable little Mr and Mrs etched glass wine glasses.”

Birch Bark Centerpiece “Cake”

Seen on – Crafts ‘n Coffee

Quote from the website: “Couples who DIY their wedding can find tremendous savings, too. One idea I fell in love with is this woodland-theme wedding ensemble designed by Diane Flowers. Her Birch Bark Centerpiece Cake would be so pretty at a wedding or bridal shower (or really, most any special occasion). Bonus: these are beautiful keepsakes, too.”

DIY Silhouette Wedding Cake Toppers

Seen on – Uncommon Designs

Quote from the website:    “For those of you who are planning a wedding or will be soon, I have an easy diy wedding project just for you that will definitely fit in your budget. As in, it will only cost you around $10 to make!”

DIY Seed Bomb Wedding Favors

Seen on – Practically Functional

Quote from the website:    “I decided to make a bunch of DIY wildflower seed bombs! They’re perfect for geurrilla gardening and turning ugly empty lots or park strips into beds of gorgeous flowers! They also make great guest favors for weddings, showers, etc.; just package them up with some instructions and you’re good to go!”

DIY Beaded Bobby Pins

Seen on – Oh My! Creative

Quote from the website: “Summer is the wedding and party season, and I always like dressing up and doing my hair. One easy way to add flair to your ‘do is to throw in some cute decorative bobby pins! And you don’t even have to go buy some – you can make them yourself with leftover beads and some old bobby pins! Try making your own DIY Beaded Bobby Pins in a few easy steps!”

Wedding Lantern Centerpieces

Seen on – April Go Lightly

Quote from the website:  ” I am huge fan of flowers, but for my wedding I did not want to waist money on flowers or have to throw out the flower arrangements the next day.”

Simple DIY “Ring for a Kiss” Cowbell

Seen on – Something Turquoise

Quote from the website: “Kissing is always a good idea. Let your wedding guests encourage lots and lots of newlywed kissing on your special day with this adorable DIY Ring For A Kiss cowbell”

DIY Glittered Tealight Holders

Seen on – Weddingstar

Quote from the website:   “With Art Deco themed weddings still all the rage, when asked to think of an idea for today’s post I instantly jumped at the chance to share my fave DIY from our very own Deco themed inspiration shoot. And the best part, it’s ‘3 step simple’. So get ready to get your glitter on girls!”

10 Minute Burlap Ring Pillow

Seen onSweet C’s Designs

Quote from the website:   “These ring pillows are a fun touch to any wedding- and really shine at outdoor or homemade styled affairs. You could even use these as a fun throw pillow in a sunroom or reading nook if you increase the size!”

Rustic Gift Boxes

Seen on – Crafts Unleased

Quote from the website:   “I’m going to show you today how quickly you can punch and fold a gift box, and give you an idea for how to dress it up to make it wedding-worthy, or to make that gift to your friend extra-special.”



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