Have a Safe, Socially-Distanced Housewarming

If you’ve managed to purchase a new home during the global pandemic, pat yourself on the back. The process of buying a new home, not to mention moving, is stressful in the best of times. But during a pandemic, regulations and other stressors can cloud the joy and feeling of accomplishment that should come from your big life events.

Housewarming parties are a great time to get together with those who celebrate your big wins, like moving into a new home. But they can be tough to organize and carry out safely when you also need to consider social distancing guidelines.

Having a safe, socially-distanced housewarming party isn’t impossible. You can still rejoice with your friends and family using these easy-to-download party ideas.

Honk for Housewarming

Whether it’s a ride through the drive-thru window for a take-out meal or a holiday light show on wheels, drive-thru events are one invention of the pandemic we can all get behind. Now that we’re spending less time in traffic and more time at the drive-in theater, we’ve been having a lot more fun behind the wheel.

Why not have a mobile housewarming party? Send out invites with your new address to all of your loved ones and set the date! You may want to let your neighbors know ahead of time, so they won’t be wondering where all the traffic came from!

When your guests show up, offer them a snack or a roadside soft drink. Fill some biodegradable cups with fun snacks, like popcorn and crunchy pretzels, so they can place them in their cupholders.

Make it official (and encourage some honk-alongs) by printing out a fun yard sign with your new home’s nickname. Who knows, maybe your new neighbors will even join in!

Fun, Friendly Advice

Socially-distanced housewarming parties don’t have to mean long-distance. Let’s face it, we’ve all had enough virtual meetings and parties to last a lifetime. If your friends and family are great at following protocols and keeping the appropriate distance, there’s no reason why you can’t have them over for a small, safe gathering.

Tidy up your new home, grab some crowd-pleasing snacks and drinks, and put on some music to get the party going. 

Since this is a housewarming party, your family is no doubt going to have plenty of advice and wisdom to offer. Create a party game by printing out advice pages for them to take turns filling out. Once you’re all partied-out, compile the advice pages into a book and keep it on your coffee table as a commemoration of your new journey and your unique celebration.

The Hard Part is Over – Now it’s Time to Party

Regardless of your level of restrictions and comfort in holding a housewarming party, there are plenty of ways to do so safely that won’t have you feeling like you’ve missed out on this new home tradition.

But the fun doesn’t have to end there. Get more creative with even more housewarming party ideas and games from Hippo.