If you’re looking for a bit more of a self-sufficient lifestyle, and you have the time and space, you could consider turning your usual garden into your own sustainable farm. Whether you have acres of land or just a postage stamp sized backyard, you can still benefit from trying out a few different things and seeing what works for you.

So micro farm or not – here’s what you can do.

Reduce Your Lawn Area

While it’s nice having a lawn, if you are not into the work that goes into keeping it green and fluffy, your grass can be consumed by weeds and moss. You will save yourself a whole bunch of time, money and effort if you just reduce the area – plus it will actually be more earth-friendly because you won’t be having to mess around with any chemical fertilizers or lawn mowers that release all kinds of emissions. So convert the lawn space into a vegetable garden instead. Mark the area, plant the seeds, and then watch them grow into yummy tomatoes, carrots, and peas.

Landscape With Edible Plants

Instead of having a garden that’s full of pretty foliage – that is only useful as a visual stimulant. Look at what plants can not only look nice, but can feed you too. There are plenty out there, so it’s just about doing your research. A fruit tree, for example, this will grow beautiful flowers in the spring, while giving your home that vital shade in the summer, while providing you with delicious, juicy treats to indulge on. If you don’t have enough space in your garden for a tree, you can incorporate fruit-bearing bushes instead like raspberry, blackberry, or currants.

If you don’t have enough space in your garden for a tree, you can include fruit-bearing bushes instead like raspberry, blackberry, or currants. As an alternative to annuals in your flower beds, try some of the beautiful ornamental lettuce that is available.

Build An Indoor Space

You may decide you want to have your own greenhouse where you can focus more time and energy on the more delicate plants that may require more care. When indoors, you are able to manipulate the light, humidity, and water however you want, rather than relying on nature to supply you with it at the right time. Whereas indoors, you can control everything just the way you need to. Or why not look at steel buildings for sale and you could turn it into a larger area where you keep all of your tools and equipment? – Even animals if you have space for it.

Raise Small Farm Animals Or Bees

If you have a garden with enough space, a sturdy fence, and a good looking tree, why not make it home to some animals? They will not only provide you with delicious treats, but it’ll make your garden a fascinating one in which to be.

If you get your own hens, you’ll be able to use their eggs for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner – the freshest of the fresh. You can get your milk from Nigerian Dwarf goats, and they can provide you with up to three quarts of milk a day, and the honeybees, well, they’ll give you honey.