Self-storage discounts are a great way to save money on storage rental costs. Many self-storage facilities offer a first month free storage deal and further discounts when renting units for longer periods. Some self-storage companies also offer discounts for referring new customers. Discounts can make self-storage more affordable, and they may encourage people who would not otherwise consider self-storage to give it a try.

First Month Free

Making the first month free is the most common of the self-storage discounts. This type of discount allows customers to rent a self-storage unit for the first month without having to pay any rent. This can be a great start when it comes to saving money on storage and it may also be helpful for people who need storage for a short period.

The deal is offered because it encourages people to rent a storage unit in the first place who might have been having doubts otherwise. It then has the two-way advantage of allowing a householder to see how useful it can be to store some of their surplus items elsewhere, which may lead to them extending the arrangement.

A major advantage of self-storage is that it buys people time to decide what to do with objects that they are having trouble parting with. It is easy to decide with those items that are inherited and so are classed as family heirlooms, but not so easy to decide when a friend has bought something for us. We can become sentimentally attached to objects for lots of reasons. Self-storage can be a way to still keep them and protect them properly. That is by way of climate-controlled conditions and round-the-clock security.

Many will invest in items that they then want to store correctly to protect their future values. Some people will even invest in self-storage itself.

Long-Term Rental Discounts

Many self-storage companies offer discounts for customers who rent storage units for longer amounts of time. These discounts may be offered for customers who sign a long-term lease, or they may be available to all customers who rent storage units for a certain period. Long-term rental discounts can save customers a significant amount of money, and they may be especially helpful for people who need storage for an extended amount of time. Perhaps because they are unsettled in their lives, plan to travel around for a while, or have recently divorced.

Referral Discounts

Referral discounts are another way to save money on self-storage. This type of discount is typically offered by self-storage companies to customers who refer new customers to the self-storage facility. Referral discounts may be offered in the form of a discount on the rental rate, or they may be offered in the form of a credit that can be applied to future self-storage rentals.

It, therefore, pays to spread the word about self-storage units. If you are yet to discover them to let anyone else know, then you are missing an opportunity to deal with the life-long problem of clutter. It messes with our space, our mind, and our lives. It has the potential to become a health hazard if left undealt with. This is because we can trip up over our surplus items and injure ourselves. We can become depressed because we feel that there is no escape from having acquired too much we do not know what to do with. We know now how we can deal effectively with clutter.

Discounts on self-storage can make self-storage more affordable, and they may encourage people who would not otherwise consider self-storage to give it a go. First-month free discounts, long-term rental discounts, and referral discounts are all great ways to save money on self-storage. Take advantage of these discounts from the start by beginning with the first month free and seeing what other discounts make renting your storage unit affordable in the longer term. The future can be more comfortable.