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Many of us are finding ourselves spending more time at home these days. With all of the stress and uncertainty, finding ways to relax and unwind is essential, and what better way to celebrate than with an activity that lets you combine your love of cake and wine?  

This cake and wine pairing guide, from our friends at Zola, is a great activity for couples to do at home. It is also a fun virtual happy hour activity to do with friends and family. Don’t forget to invite the wine and cake enthusiasts in your life to participate. 

The secret to pairing delicious cake flavors with complementary wines is matching sweetness levels. If a wine isn’t as sweet as the cake, it can taste bitter and dull. 

Below, read on to discover some of our favorite cake and wine pairings! To do this activity at home, we recommend ordering cupcakes of each cake flavor to cut down on costs and make this pairing activity more manageable. Don’t forget to print the free cake and wine pairing scorecard to track your favorite flavors and pairings. 

Vanilla Cake and Reisling

If you love a sweet and classic vanilla cake, you’ll find that an off-dry Reisling is the perfect wine pairing that doesn’t overpower the flavor. 

Make it a mocktail: Lavender Lemonade

Chocolate Cake and Amarone

Like a rich chocolate cake, a full-bodied Amarone is full of rich flavor and spicy undertones. Consider swapping out for a Ripasso if budget is a concern. 

Make it a mocktail: Roy Rogers 

Funfetti Cake and Sparking Rosé

This cake and wine pairing is fruity, crisp, and fun. The vanilla cake and cream cheese frosting pairs perfectly with the bubbling strawberry flavor of the rosé. 

Make it a mocktail: Watermelon Margarita 

Lemon Raspberry Cake and Prosecco 

You’ll find refreshing citrus notes and tangy flavor in both a delectable lemon cake and Prosecco wine. 

Make it a mocktail: Mango Mule 

Hazelnut Cake and Tawny Port 

Both of these flavors are full of richness and sweetness. The caramel and hazelnut flavor of the cake taste delicious against the wine’s secondary notes of berry and mocha.  

Make it a mocktail: Nutella Martini

Champagne Doux Cake Sparkling Wine

Bright flavors and a tang of meringue make this bubbly cake flavor and sparkling wine pairing a match made in heaven. 

Make it a mocktail:: Strawberry Fields 

For a visual guide on cake and wine pairings, as well as 6 more dazzling dessert and wine combinations, check out this visual from Zola below! 

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Cake and Wine Pairings

Graphic courtesy of Zola.com