In some ways, I believe fall is the most complex of the seasons. Nature prepares to shut down many aspects of her beautiful world while at the same time she opens up a whole new series of wonders. To guide you and your kiddos through the world of autumn, seeds, and migration, we have put together a fabulous 56-page nature journal.

The nature journal contains:

  • Separate chapters on Autumn, Seeds, and Migration – each with an explanatory introduction.
  • Project ideas. Projects can be carried out and recorded in the pages of the nature journal or can be expanded. For example, in the “Track Animal Migration” activity, a map on which you can track migration patterns is included. You could also use this map to springboard into a wide migration project.
  • Writing prompts and pages on which you can record your work.
  • “Silly Stories” where you can fill in the blanks with your own fun ideas, or use the page as inspiration for a story of your own.
  • Arts. There are pages for activities as diverse as drawing monarch butterflies, producing seed rubbings, and recording the shapes made by groups of migrating birds.
  • An Autumn Nature Journal Scavenger Hunt checklist.
  • Outdoor activities to explore each of the three subjects. Activites require a minimum, if any equipment and come with instructions, equipment list, and pages to guide observations.
  • Safety tips. None of the activities are dangerous. Safety tips are things such as “If you go for a walk at dusk, bring a flashlight. It will be much darker when you end your walk than when you begin.
  • Logs in which you can record the seeds and leaves you may find, and any migrating animals you observe.
  • Journaling Pages which can be used either as part of this nature journal to create additional stories, observations, or artworks. As an alternative, you can also make copies of these journal pages for use in other projects.

Later this week I’ll post a second nature journal. The next one will be about “Leaves, Animals, and Fungus” and will contain an entirely new set of activities.

In the meantime, why not check out this kid’s travel journal? You can also visit for more fall learning resources