What does your morning ritual look like? For many, the bleary-eyed scramble into consciousness is aided by that bitter brown gold, coffee. Coffee has been pepping up busy humans for hundreds of years and its popularity grows every year. With cafes and coffee vans in abundance it’s now even easier to get your fix.

But what about preparing coffee at home? That barista down the road makes a mean cup of coffee, but is it worth the crowd? Today you can create a perfectly made coffee in the comfort of your own home, exactly the way you like without lining up. Coffee machines range from tiny capsule units to built-in machines that turn your kitchen into a coffee lounge.

Automatic Coffee Machines are convenient and more importantly, produce excellent coffee. Let’s have a look at some of the best for home use.

Pop a capsule

Capsule coffee machines have taken the world by storm, and it’s easy to understand why. Capsule machines like the Nespresso Creatista Plus , as shown above, offer one touch coffee creation, perfect for busy people who want a quality cup of coffee quickly, without leaving the comfort of their home.

Despite their luxury appearance and ease in which they produce coffee, capsule machines operate on the same principals as the machine used in your local café. The capsules used by these machines are simply quality coffee pressed into a sealed capsule. When you load the capsule into the machine, the capsule is pierced, and boiling water can flow through the compacted coffee.

Nespresso was the pioneer of this technology, but now other brands have followed suite and the range of capsule machines has been more impressive than ever. Even the most discerning coffee lover should be able to find a capsule to suit them.

Milk it

Capsule machines come in a variety of different designs and features, determining the right one for you depends on your tastes. If you like your coffee black, then any of the capsule machines will make a fine cup of black coffee. If you want a bit more control, some of the more “advanced” machines give you temperature settings to adjust, so you can find the temperature sweet spot for your favourite flavour. Some machines also include a milk frothing wand.

But hang on, we wanted an automatic machine.

Don’t fret, many capsule machines have a fully automatic milk frother, meaning you get hassle-free frothing with a perfect texture every time.

Get serious

Capsule machines offer the utmost convenience and a surprisingly quality cup of coffee, but what if you want to go a step further? An automatic coffee machine might be the best option for you. A step above in user experience and quality coffee but without the daunting controls of a full-blown coffee machine, automatic machines are possibly the best choice for the home coffee enthusiast.

Machines like the Juna Ena Micro, shown above, have been created for the coffee connoisseur who runs a tight ship and doesn’t have time to mess about. Compact and elegant this machine can help you create a huge variety of specialty coffee at home. Optimum brewing times are inbuilt into this machine allowing the perfect cup of coffee every time, with the added benefit of a scintillating aroma emitting from the machine, something you do not get from a capsule unit.

Your morning coffee doesn’t have to be enjoyed on a bustling train or noisy café. You can create rich and delicious coffee in the comfort of your own home. Capsule machines are a quick and delicious alternative to instant coffee, while the larger automatic machines will cater to the real coffee lover.