Twilight Turtle Tunes-T3

When I was first asked if I would like to review the Twilight Turtle Tunes T3, I wasn’t sure I was the right person for the job. Our house is now, sadly, baby free and all of the information I read seemed to indicate that the turtle was best suited to a newborn or a toddler – I also wondered if the Bluetooth technology was essential. Was it just for show, or was it actually a helpful addition to the dazzling array of sleep aid products for kids?

The short answer is: It’s freaking awesome, my 8 & 9-year-olds love it and the wireless technology is smart, convenient and is a meaningful addition to the turtle.


And the long answer is:

I knew that Gabriel would like it. He loves turtles almost as much as he loves penguins and I hadn’t even fully opened the outer box before he was sticking his hands in an grabbing the box the turtle came in. The little fella bounced from foot to foot in anticipation as I took it out of the packaging and grabbed it for a cuddle as soon as it was free of the cardboard. Because of his autism, Gabriel likes to explore new toys before he asks what they do, so I left him to poke & prod the turtle, lift up the flap and push the buttons until he had burnt out his curiosity. Finally, when he had exhausted every millimeter of the Turtle, he brought it over to me so I could show him how it worked.

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The T3  is a soft turtle with padded legs, body, and head and a with a plastic shell on its back. The whole thing is very light, conducive to cuddles and the on/off switch & charging spot are hidden under a softly padded flap. There are three modes of use. First is the projection of stars with a choice between cycling colors or static green, blue or amber. The second mode uses Bluetooth to link to your smartphone, and the third mode adds nature sounds to the projected stars. There is a good range of volume, and the light and sound are gentle enough to be on in the room and not disturb anyone else.


Twilight Turtle Tunes T3 is promoted as the first Cloud b character to feature wireless Bluetooth technology. Utilizing a  free app provided by Cloud b,  you can choose from a pre-set library of melodies and nature sounds that can be combined to create your own ‘playlist.’  Your chosen sounds, melodies or playlists can then be played by the turtle’s speaker.

There are a wide variety of sounds and melodies, and you can even have them layered & manage the sound levels. That way you can, for example, include things like a mothers heartbeat in the background of the dolphin music. There are so many options on the pre-programmed sounds I am sure that I still haven’t tried half of them yet.

Select Sound Sound Levels timer

By utilizing the Bluetooth, you can pre-program up to 24 hours of light and sound. The app also works with the light so you can time how long it will stay on as it cycles through amber, blue & green.Using the Bluetooth, you can also access all features without having to go into your child’s room – no more tiptoeing in and waking them up when you turn the light out.

You can also purchase a premium app for $1.99 which allows you to access your music library and play anything you like through the turtles’ speaker. We did try the premium app, but you certainly don’t need to. I only wanted it because I thought it would be funny to play “Enter the Sandman” by Metallica through the turtle! 

Twilight Turtle Collage

‘Turbo’ as Gabe named his turtle also projects a starry night sky which is made up of actual constellations – and this was by far a bigger draw for Gabe than even the music. Just like the original, the new Twilight Turtle Tunes T3 glows in blue, amber and green and projects eight real constellations.The entire family had fun, laying on the floor, staring up at the ceiling and picking out Ursula Major (the only consolation I recognize!) and our smarty pants air cadet son pointed out the others. If you do not have an 18-year-old, would be a pilot who can navigate by the stars, don’t worry. The T3 comes with a lovely little booklet that maps out the constellations for you and even shows where on the turtles back they are placed so even I could find them all eventually.


Another bonus to the app? I can play the sleepy music mix through the Bluetooth in the truck too. This is an excellent feature if you are on a long car journey and I would have loved this when the littles were babies because it would have provided continuity when I wanted to soothe the babies to sleep in the car.


The Twilight Turtle Tunes T3 is certainly a hit in our house. It is considered to be Gabriel’s turtle, but both of the little ones love it. I must also admit that it can be very soothing for anyone. My husband & I have laid back in the front room when the kids are settled, played music and watched the stars! I would certainly recommend this for new babies, toddlers, and older children – especially those that need a little extra help to drift off to sleep.

Key features of the Twilight Turtle Tunes T3

Cuddly companion projects a starry night sky:
• Eases fear of the dark
• Projects actual star constellations

Light timer and features:
• Wireless Bluetooth Technology with FREE Twilight Tunes app
• Choose from a pre-set library of melodies and sounds
• Combine sounds to create a custom mix
• Premium app available for $1.99
• Include personal music library in any mix
• Melody and star projection can be programmed for up to 24 hours
• Cycles through 3 colors automatically when used with Bluetooth
• Includes Li-On rechargeable batteries and AC adaptor

For Ages: 0+
MSRP: $64.99

Available now at an independent toy, gift, and baby stores across Canada.

For more information, visit:

Tips for a Calming Bedtime Routine

 Keep your child’s bedtime as regular as possible.

A later night here and there isn’t a problem but early nights mixed with late nights will be – especially if combined with missed naps.

Be flexible with your nap schedule.

If traveling in a car or running errands for a few hours, it may be possible for a baby in an infant seat to sleep right through the trip. When your little one gets too old to nap in the car without being disturbed to consider planning your day, where possible, around a consistent nap time. Remember, a well-rested child is better behaved and more adaptable to changes.

Incorporate comfort items into your sleep routine.

Little ones generally love routine and consistency. If you can keep the same steps going in the same order every evening, it can really help when things must change due to travel or a house move.

Do what works best for your family.

People will give you tons of conflicting advice. The most critical piece of information I can provide for a reasonable nighttime routine is: “Do what feels right for your baby and your family” One person’s routine may work for them but be entirely wrong for you.



  1. So many great feature with the Twilight Turtle! I’m super impressed that it projects ACTUAL star constellations! Very cool!

  2. wow ..i wish they had such things when my children were little ..i love the music and the timer for lights ..such a cute toy

  3. We initiated good bedtime routines right from the start with all four of our kids. There have been some hiccups along the way but we keep reminding ourselves how important sleep is.

  4. I always wanted to get one of these for my kids but never got around to it. Maybe I will finally get my youngest this latest turtle. I know for sure the two older boys (they are 5 and 7) would love it too. Especially since you can play any kind of music on it..,.,.I am sure they would come up with some funny songs to have on there lol

  5. This is just too cute! I love that you can put on different music, and time the lights. My little granddaughter would just adore this!

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