Don’t you just love going on a vacation and spending time in a cozy little resort? From the colors incorporated in the room’s design to the overall vibe of the room that exudes relaxation and comfort, everything there is chosen carefully to put your mind at ease. So, why not follow the same logic when designing your own bedroom?

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few suggestions that will help you design a truly resort-worthy bedroom and have a mini vacation just down the hall. Check them out.

Create a relaxation area

No matter the size of your bedroom, you should try to put together a little relaxation area. This doesn’t have to be anything big – a small coffee table and a couple of chairs will be just fine – and glamorous, it just needs to be functional. This will be the perfect area to enjoy your morning coffee or even do some light newspaper reading before you go to bed. A so-called buffer zone is a great place to mentally prepare for either the day ahead or some quality resting time.

Treat your windows

Most hotel or resort rooms have layered window treatments consisting of a light, semi-sheer fabric that doesn’t block natural light but offers some much-needed privacy and a heavier, thicker fabric that block the light, allowing you to get a good night’s rest. So, follow this trend and treat your windows with layered curtains for a true resort-like feel.

Give your room some of that island charm

Here, you should think about the things that can be found in various island resorts. So, for some of that island charm, you can consider installing a mosquito net around your bed, hanging up a hammock in the corner of your bedroom or even adding a couple of colorful luxury bed throws. Brightly colored decor pieces and rattan furniture are also an option.

Add a touch of romance

Another fun little addition to your bedroom comes in the form of valances and canopies. Simply choose a fabric – it can be either light and sheer, or sturdy and heavy – and hang it on the ceiling above your bed. Make it drape around your bed to add a touch of romance to the room and offer you some additional intimacy.

The lighting also plays a huge role

As in any other part of your home, lighting plays a huge role in the bedroom as well. Aside from having all the necessary lighting fixtures, such as the overhead and task lighting, you should throw mood lighting into the mix as well. Additionally, install subtle fairy lights above your headboard for an extra romantic vibe and make sure to implement lighting dimmers wherever you can. These will allow you to control the amount of light and set the mood just right.

Layer the pillows

Another very iconic part of a resort room decor is layered pillows. Aside from the pillows you will be sleeping on, you should place a few more on your bed. However, make sure they vary in size and shape so that you can layer them properly. Design-wise you can go for anything you find appealing, but make sure they fit in with the rest of the room.

Add some greenery

No resort-worthy room can be complete without some greenery. However, instead of adding a bunch of smaller potted plants, you should consider welcoming a big leafy plant. So, think in terms of Norfolk Island Pine, Kentia palm, Philodendron or even Ficus.

As you can see, you don’t have to wait an entire year to go on your vacation. By implementing some of these ideas in your bedroom decor, you can pretend you’re on an exotic island somewhere far away at the end of each day. Not only will creating a resort-worthy bedroom breathe new life in your boudoir but it will also make you feel more relaxed and at ease, allowing you to enjoy some good night’s rest.

Bio: Cooper Klein is a bearded dad from Sydney. He loves writing about interior design, and he’s a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator and many other online magazines.