When you are planning your renovations or redecoration, windows often go neglected. We spend more time focusing on feature walls and interior details, making the best use of the natural light provided rather than looking from where the light comes. If it’s been a while or you’re restyling the place, make sure you look at the windows. Here are a few elements that warrant a little closer inspection.

Don’t neglect the edges

It might be considered one of the smaller details, but window trim that’s chipped, stained, or otherwise damaged can immediately make the place look a little shabbier. If you have wooden window details, it might be time to update your window trim to composite or PVC to help make it look a little more contemporary and help it remain a little more low maintenance. Otherwise, it’s not too hard to repair, repaint and reseal it. What you shouldn’t do, however, is simply let it go neglected. At the very least, it needs to be wiped down on a regular basis to ensure dirt and debris don’t stick to the sealant.

Choosing the right treatment

From blinds to drapery, there is a big, wide world of different window treatments out there and they can each offer a little something different to the room. For instance, in the room is contemporary and minimalist, heavy curtains can drag it down and look unnecessary gaudy. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for the luxury hotel look, simple plastic blinds aren’t going to contribute to that appeal and can make the rest of the room look a little fake in comparison. Make sure you match your window treatments to the room design.

Eyes up top

If you’re using curtains or any other kind of traditional drapery, then you can’t forget the curtain rods. Cheap-looked rods can seriously undermine any look you’re attempting to go for. Instead, take a look at different styles of curtain rods and try to match them to the drapery itself. What’s more, ensure that you take care of them. Wiping down those curtain rods is a simple task, but we often neglect it, meaning that they can get dusty and discolored over time, making the whole window look at a lot shabbier.

Add a little life

If your windows are looking a little bare, you shouldn’t be afraid of accenting them with an accessory or two. Especially for windows that are more minimalist and contemporary, adding a planter can add just the dash of color and life that it needs without making it unnecessary cluttered. What’s more, it doesn’t look like you’ve just added a décor element for the sake of it. Plants need light, so using them to spruce up the windows is only natural, after all. Just make sure you either get a super low maintenance one or take the time to actually care for it.

Your windows are going to draw attention, both from the outside and the inside. For that reason, they need a little closer scrutiny. Stop neglecting them and keep them in mind every time you opt to decorate the place.