Family life during the COVID-19 virus can be tough. Your family may be experiencing cabin fever and itching to get outside to play after all the lockdowns. Some divorced non-custodial parents typically only see their children 88 days out of the year and may have lost parenting time due to the pandemic. Here are nine tips for having family fun outdoors this summer.

Go on a Fishing Trip

Fishing can be a popular activity for children. In 2017, approximately 11.6 million U.S. youth engaged in fishing. It gives you a chance to get out in nature while social distancing and make some lifelong memories. If your child has autism, they can have fun without being overloaded by sensory information. Check your state’s website for information on free fishing days. Make sure that everyone gets a fishing license before you plan your trip.

If your family is new to fishing, you may want to consider finding an experienced guide to help you learn about the various species of fish and when’s the best time to catch them. Be aware of any state regulations that may apply. If you have young children, keep fishing trips under an hour.

Create a Backyard Waterpark

A great way to have family fun outdoors this summer is to turn your backyard into your own mini waterpark. You can set up a wading pool for younger children or make a homemade Slip N’ Slide with a plastic sheet coated with baby shampoo. Turn on the sprinklers and let the kids loose. You can even grab a few water guns or water balloons and let the friendly fight begin. There are tons of ideas you can find online to build your own backyard waterpark and keep the kids cool all summer long.

Explore Cool Historical Buildings

Another way to have fun outdoors this summer is to explore the cool historical buildings located in your city’s downtown area. These historical buildings often have tour guides who can share fascinating stories of the building and the city’s history. Your child might be fascinated to learn that the average concrete strength is 3,000 pounds per square inch. Some concrete can reach over 20,000 pounds per square inch.

Some communities have youth programs where children can learn more about architecture and construction. There may be nearby museums dedicated to architecture that you can visit as a family and explore. Some architectural organizations often offer free walking tours that can provide a fun and enriching experience.

Go on a Hike

A nature walk outdoors for the whole family. You can teach your children about various plants and insects and enjoy all the sights and sounds. To make it even more fun, you can create a scavenger hunt. Come up with a small list of items to find such as a bird chirping or a colorful flower.

Play Team Sports

Playing team sports together can be fun for the entire family and good for your health. You can play football in the backyard, play a round or two of basketball in the park, or have a volleyball match at the beach. If you want to try playing baseball outdoors as a family, you can try using shaved bats to help your child learn how to hit farther. Keep in mind these bats don’t do well in colder temperatures. Use a shaved bat in temperatures above 65 degrees to keep them from breaking.

Play Outdoor Games

If team sports aren’t your thing, you can still have fun outdoors playing games. There are a variety of options you can choose from. You may want to build your own obstacle course in the backyard or stay cool with a friendly game of water tag. You can keep things simple by throwing a frisbee or get more complex by competing against one another by playing capture the flag. There are numerous outdoor games that you can discover online that will keep your family entertained all summer long.

Go Backyard Camping

Many campgrounds may still be closed due to the COVID-19 virus. However, you can still have family fun outdoors by doing some camping right in your backyard. You can set up a tent, build a fire pit, and roast some s’mores. Make it fun by sharing some stories and singing songs around the fire. This is a great way to introduce your children to camping because it’s easy to go back inside if the kids get scared.

Visit the Family Drive-In

Movie theaters are closed in many places because of the pandemic, but family drive-ins are still open. You can gather up the family and watch a movie in your car outdoors. Be sure to bring your own snacks, blankets, and pillows to stay warm and comfortable. You don’t even have to worry about dressing up. Why not visit the drive-in theater in your pajamas? If the kids fall asleep, it will make it easier to tuck them in bed when you get home.

Hamburger Building Contest

Most families have food nearby when they get together. Why not have some fun with it through a hamburger building contest outdoors? Both adults and kids can enjoy this experience. You build your hamburgers as tall as you can using every condiment imaginable associated with hamburgers. See who can make theirs the highest without tipping over. The first person to eat their perfectly stacked hamburger wins.

You can arrange the contest anyway you like. You can hold separate contests for the adult and kids to make it fairer. Kids will have fun experimenting with different tastes and textures. The contest may get messy, so be sure to have some extra napkins and paper towels on hand.

Spending time outdoors as a family can be fun and create strong bonds. You may still have to take preventative measures to avoid sickness from the virus but it will be worth it. These outdoor activities will create cherished memories you can all share together for a lifetime.