Keeping your family entertained is something that’s not always easy, especially if you have a large family with kids spread over a wide age range. Fortunately, you can usually find a form of entertainment for pretty much every situation you might find yourself in; it can just take a fair bit of planning. So for some fun ideas that will keep your kids occupied and entertained, read on and start learning.

During Long Car Journeys

The very best way to keep kids quiet and occupied on long car journeys is to have portable DVD players fitted to the back of the headrests. That way they can watch movies or TV shows the whole way there. Alternatively, if you have young children, you could play some verbal games. Mrs Smith went shopping is a game where each person adds something to the list and the next person has to remember and repeat it.

There are the old standbys like i-spy of course and this game, in particular, can be educational for younger kids who are learning to read. Just make sure they know you have to be able to see the item al of the time. We have played many games on a road trip where after twenty minutes trying to guess everyone has given up only to be told it was something at the rest stop from which we had driven away a half hour before. 

You can find lots of non-electronic suggestions in my post “The Unplugged Roadtrip.”

When You’re Busy With Other Things

Sometimes, you need to solution to keep the kids occupied when you have to focus on other things. A parent’s life is always busy, and if it’s not work or kids it’s something else demanding your time. We’ve all been there. Places like can be useful if you want to find apps for them to play on a phone. Gaming is the modern solution to this problem, and as long as you have parental control enforced, it can be positive.

If I am using a phone in this way, say for example when I’m cooking, I make sure the little ones are in the kitchen on in line of sight so we can still swap a few words and I know what they are doing.

For Times When You Want to Bond as a Family

Bonding with your family is, of course, always important. Every family needs to have time together when they can get to know one another. Sports can be a great way to bring people together and have them bond with one another. If like us, you are not all sporty; board games can be great fun as long as no one tips over the Monopoly board when they start to lose.

Summer Fun Outdoors

The summer is all about spending time outdoors, and one of the most fun things you can do during the summer months is have a movie night outside with your kids. Those long summer nights are fantastic, so see if there are any outdoor movie screenings in your area.

If you can get your hands on an old projector, or even one of the new tiny versions, you can host your own outdoor movies, year round.

When the Entertainment Needs to be Educational Too

There are plenty of ways for you to have fun as a family in a way that’s educational for your kids. Make the most of the museums and galleries in your area; they’re often either free or free for kids on certain days of the month. Travel is another great way to expand your kids’ horizons and teach them about different locations and cultures.

Families always need ways of staying entertained throughout the year, so hopefully this article has given you some ideas and inspiration you can make use of. It’s always good to think outside the box and do new things because this will help to broaden your kids’ horizons, which has to be positive.