Now is the time to make a list of home winterization projects. Once your list is ready, begin checking the items off before the colder temperatures arrive because they surely will.

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A home’s gutters go mostly unnoticed until there is a problem. Avoid those unnecessary problems and get your gutters cleaned professionally. The experts will take care of it all for you. This way, you will not need to lug around a heavy and unwieldy ladder and then climb up onto the roof. 

It is critical to have leaves, branches, and debris removed from your gutters before winter arrives. This way, they will not add to the weight of snow when it begins to accumulate. More importantly, having your gutters cleaned ensures that rain, snow, and the resulting snowmelt will be able to move freely through your gutter and downspout system so that water does not pool on the roof and drains away from your home. 

Too much water or ground saturation around your home’s foundation can lead to cracks in the cement. Those cracks can cause the foundation to shift and the interior of the house to crack. There might be increased stress on underground utilities leading into the house, too. 


You are going to need your furnace relatively soon. Do not neglect or procrastinate in taking care of this vital task. All furnaces need annual inspections to ensure they are functioning properly. When the furnace works as intended and keeps you and your family warm and toasty, it provides more than just comfort.

Furnaces kept at ideal temperatures when you are both home and away will prevent your home from becoming too cold. In turn, this temperature regulation thwarts unfortunate and preventable water pipe bursts. If the temperature in your home becomes too cold, the water in your plumbing pipes will freeze and lead to cracking and then a resulting leak or flood. The damage can be expensive and frustrating. It is better to prevent it in the first place.

Other heating units in your home should receive annual inspections, as well. Whether you have a traditional or gas fireplace, take the time to ensure that it is in proper working order. A traditional fireplace with a faulty flue damper can lead to ash and smoke expelling into the home instead of outside. Gas fireplaces, by their very nature, are efficient. However, they should be checked for leaks or cracks within the system for safety and gas leak prevention.


Take a walk around your home. Look at the window frames, screens, and doors. If there are any damaged areas, now is the time to fix them. While you are at it, go ahead and inspect the rest of the house, too.

Here is a video showing you how to easily seal your window and door frames to reduce drafts and lower your heating bill.

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Once you have finished preparing your home for winter, sit back with a warm cup of your beverage of choice, a great book, and feel good knowing it is all done.