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When I was asked to take a look at some of the “Idiots Guide” books I had a tough time choosing which ones to try. I am, pretty much an idiot in so many ways it was hard to narrow them down. In the end, I chose three – the Idiots Guides to Sewing, Baking & Quilting.

I know, I know you’re all sitting there laughing – me the domestic disaster choosing the most domestic of books – but that’s the point. If I can improve in any of these areas, it would be proof positive that the Idiots Guides work!

First of all, I tried “Baking.” My baking prowess is legendary in our house. No matter how carefully I follow instructions, measure ingredients set the timers; my results are never quite what they should be. For example last week I made a sponge cake. It rose perfectly, it was soft & light with exactly the right amount of moisture left in it, and the whole thing tasted, inexplicably, like scrambled egg. The family was literally crying with laughter when they tasted it. Could anyone help me? Apparently, Idiots Guides could.

I opened up my edition of “Baking” and read through the intros and first chapters about equipment, ingredients & measuring – check! Then I took a deep breath and turned to the carrot cake recipe. I carefully followed all of the steps, without much in the way of hope, and presented the finished cake after dinner. Every family member had that’trying not to laugh’ look on their faces. They had seen good looking cakes before – they were not to be fooled – how would this one taste – scrambled egg, gravy, some kind of hitherto undiscovered poison? I cut into it, served each one a slice & waited…… The room was silent; shock permeated the atmosphere – my cake tasted good!!!

The first time I had a cake look good, smell good and taste good – Thank you Idiots Guides!!

Next came the Sewing & Quilting. Well, sort of. I’ve picked out a couple of projects, but I’m still a bit too scared to try them – I’ll update you when I have given them a go – maybe I won’t always be a domestic disaster after all.


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