Every family has their own personal storage and tidying challenges. Whether it is a herd of teenagers who shed clothes and belongings as they maraud around the house or your autistic son who has to have everything arranged just so before he can go to sleep, hopefully, I have found a solution that will work in your home.

From the pretty to the practical, from the easy to the full-on build, the kids, room DIY’s here also have something for every skill level. So if, like me, your enthusiasm far outweighs your ability, fear not! Have a browse through these ideas and I would sugest taking a look around some of the blogs I have linked to, they have many more DIY’s and sugestions for all around the home.

Books on Hooks

Quote from post:

” I can bring down a basket at a time for them to sort through, they’ll be able to put them away and then I can just hook the basket back up on the wall! It’s been working so well for us and I love that I don’t have a massive basket of books that gets dumped out every time they want one book.”

Found on – Lemon Thistle

Pretty DIY Storage Bins

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“I decided to create a quick upcycled storage DIY to use in our newly organized closet.  These storage boxes will hold our seasonal accessories such as t-shirts, tanks, scarves and mitts.”

Found on – Sustain My Craft Habit

Pallet Bookshelves

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“Once I knew I was going to have a stockpile of free pallets (thank you, honey!), I then hit up Pinterest looking for ideas.  I loved the idea of adding hanging bookshelves to my son’s room since he has a severe overflow of books and has outgrown his original basket that was housing them.”

Found on- Where The Smiles Have Been

DIY Reading Nook & Pegboard Storage

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“When our teenage son decided to create a reading area in his bedroom of our new home, we came up with the idea of turning around a bookshelf and putting pegboard on the back side to create a teen boy’s room reading nook & pegboard storage.”

Found on- The Holy Mess

DIY Under-Bed Storage Drawers

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 “I love the idea of adding casters to drawers and using them as under-the-bed storage in kids’ rooms.  It’s a great way to use that wasted space that’s usually reserved for dust bunnies and junk.”

Found on- Dukes & Duchesses

Easy Kid’s Toy Storage

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“My favorite storage system consists of collapsible fabric bins. They can be folded when not in use, and simple vinyl cut outs or acrylic paint can be used to customize and label them for Easy Kid’s Room Storage Solution.”

Found on- It Happens In a Blink

DIY Monster Storage Containers & Kids Room Hacks

Quote from the post:

“Instead of tossing those coffee or chip containers, upcycle them into cute storage for the kids. I made these cute Monster Storage Containers with coffee Pringle’s cans, scrapbook paper, and glue.”

Found on-Kicking It With Kelly

Make Your Own Storage Lockers

Quote from the post:

“I love my finished lockers.  (I think I might have mentioned that already.)  I was a little nervous about the color (Rapids by Valspar), but now I absolutely adore it.  It brightens up my kitchen, and I can’t wait to add more color.”

Found on-One Creative Mommy

DIY Pick-Up & Play Mat

Quote from the post:

“As you may have noticed, we are a little LEGO crazy around here.  I love this project because if you don’t have the space for a dedicated LEGO table, this LEGO play mat is a great play and storage solution.”

Found on-Kids Activities Blog

DIY Toy Storage Bench

Quote from the post:

“Finishing our finishing touches on Evan’s playroom AKA our family room. With the toy surge that occurred during Christmas and Evan’s birthday (all in 1 week whew!) we were in desperate need of new toy storage and organization solutions”

Found on-Farm Fresh Therapy

School Bus Bookshelf DIY

Quote from the post:

“Ever since my daughter started riding the bus to kindergarten, my little guy is obsessed with the school bus. He literally shrieks “BUS!! BUS!!” anytime one comes into sight. I think he assumes his big sis must be on any bus he sees. He loves her so much!”

Found on-Beckham and Belle

Kids Clothes Rack DIY

Quote from the post:

“Our little bungalow came with an itty bitty closet in the kids’ shared room. We’ve been able to teach them to put their folded clothes away in their dresser drawers, but button-up shirts and dresses are usually left for me to hang since they still can’t reach the rod in the closet.”

Found on-A Beautiful Mess

DIY Costume/Dress Up Storage Box

Quote from the post:

“One of my favourite play toys from my childhood was The Tickle Trunk. It was an old trunk full of old costumes, clothes and accessories that we could play dress-up with. Anything went in the Tickle Trunk.”

Found on-The Inspired Home

DIY Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Quote from the post:

“These bookshelves made out of rain gutters (yes, you read that correctly) are nothing new. In fact, I’ve seen them roaming around blogland for quite some time now. And for good reason: they’re AWESOME! I pinned them as soon as I found them and just finally got around to getting her done.”

Found on-Restoration Beauty

DIY Hideaway Homework Wall Desk

Quote from the post:

“My daughter’s desk area has always been a bit of a problem zone in her room.  It was always a mess.  It was also one of those areas she was “clutter blind” to.  We would tell her to clean up her room before getting more time on her phone, and the room would be spotless, but the desk was still a disaster.”

Found on- Organized Mom

Easy LEGO Storage

Quote from the post:

“While LEGOs are one of the most awesome toys out there, they can also be a nightmare when it comes to storage and organization. The trickiest part can be the teeny tiny LEGO pieces. They easily fall to the bottom of the storage container if you store them together with larger pieces and they are easily lost too.”

Found on- Jinxy Kids

DIY Kids Book Bin

Quote from the post:

“Thank you all so much for all the sweet comments on the big girls’ room reveal – so glad you love it as much as I do  I received many email on the kids book bin I made for the girls and how you wanted to make one for your own kiddos, so today is a little tutorial for the DIY kids book bin I made for my smallest girls’ room this time… I told you guys, we’ve got PLENTY of book around here! My girls are such book worms!”

Found on – This Little Street

Simple Sewn Hanging Bed Organizer

Quote from the post:

“It slips between the mattress and box spring to hold the little things you need to keep close, and thanks to a clever strip of non-skid rug pad or rubberized drawer liner it won’t be pulled out by the weight of even the heaviest books.”
Found on – Sew Mama Sew

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