Autumn is here; it’s official, the calendar says so. It’s the Goldilocks season that’s not too cold, not too hot, pretty much just right. It signals the start of the madness which is the run up to Christmas and as soon as that first leaf hits the ground the whole mood changes. The dark nights draw closer in and before you know it you’ve got a garden full of bright red and orange leaves, leaving your once green grass, a beautiful array of colors. So let’s explore a few ways you can embrace the vibrancy of the season so you can out off raking those leaves.

A Wood Burner Or Fire Pit

This just oozes coziness. There is little that is more inviting than a roaring fire inside, so why not take it outside? Simple wood burners are not that expensive these days either at around $40 for a basic one. Set it outside on the patio, and maybe even think about purchasing some sofa like garden furniture.  Couple this with some Autumn themed orange or brown pillows to furnish, and you’ve got a perfect area to relax with your family. If this isn’t in your budget then camping chairs around the fire can recreate those backwoods experiences of the summer.Sometimes it’s better to be out in the open where you can talk freely, rather than being crammed around the TV.


If you want to breathe a little life into what may seem like a dying garden look for simple yet cute things such as fairy lights to light up your life.  Not only will the garden be lit up and subtly glamorous, coupled with the log burner it makes from a great socializing spot. They also add a great little touch for when guests come round but make sure they are outdoor lights or you’ll get an entirely different vibe for your evening.

Try getting your hands on things such as autumn themed weathervanes. These are great little filler accessories for a garden and can be handy for knowing the wind direction so you can place the log burner accordingly. Some wind chimes are also a nice little touch.

Leave The Leaves

This isn’t a permanent change. But when the leaves first fall there’s something about the beautiful colors it produces. Glowing oranges, lovely yellows, and dark browns somehow light up the floor. So why not leave them there for a while. After a week or two when they start losing their vibrancy simply get rid of them, or to be accurate spend a week or two nagging your teens to get out there and clear them up. But we all know nothing screams the start of fall like the leaves on the ground.


No doubt all summer you’ll have a flourishing multicolored garden, full of amazing flowers. Sadly, these summer flowers die out, and you are left with bare dirt and brown wilted plants. So spend the day uprooting everything, and putting in some fresh fall flowers, so that even during the cold months, you can still maintain a vibrant garden. Look for buying some sternbergia, begonia and Dahlia’s. They’re all lovely bright flowers that’ll make even the dullest garden come to life. They’re all low maintenance as well. Just plant them before the soil goes too hard, and they should be blossoming in no time,

So there are some simple ways you can add a little comfort and color, during a season that is known for its damp and cold times. Maintaining a pretty fall garden really isn’t hard, but if you have any additional tips, please do leave a comment.


  1. Very nice article. I love fall, and I always want to keep my yard inspired this time of year. I want to win!