Pool Party

Our kids, like most others, love to play in the water and I generally have a problem most nights getting them out of the bath or shower. Our bathroom looks like a tornado hit it most evenings with a combination of plastic animals, barbies,  empty bubble bath bottles and tea sets scattered liberally across every surface.

I would absolutely love to have a pool. It wouldn’t have to be a big one, and it could easily be an above ground pool – I’m not fussy if it held clean water & was big enough for the kids to play in I’d take it! But for now, we have to be content with trying to get invited to the houses of friends with pools or having water fights with buckets of water or playing some of these backyard water games.

Water Limbo

We play this just like regular limbo – but instead of a bar, you use the water stream from the hose. For the little ones we bend the rules and let them bend forwards instead of backward, and I like to hold the hose – that way I can cheat like crazy and soak whoever hasn’t picked the clothes up off of their bedroom floor yet!

Sponge Dunk

For two players – they each have a big bucket of water and as big a sponge as you can find. Stand opposite each other with the bucket in front of you and throw your sponge into the other person bucket. If you get it in the bucket, you score a point. With the little we have them standing about three feet apart and with the older boys about three meters. Bonus point for whichever parent creeps up behind a teenager and tips a bucket of water over their head.

Water-gun Tag

One person has the water gun and chases the others. When you are hit by the water you are ‘it, ‘ and the water gun is passed to you. You then chase everyone until you hit someone with the water and they are it. Continue until mum gets fed up refilling the gun or someone starts crying because they never get tagged and get to use the gun.

Drip drip dunk

Duck duck goose with a twist. Holding a great big soaking wet sponge, one  player touches the head of each child as he says, “Drip, drip.” When he gets to the player who’ll be the “goose” he adds, “Dunk!” and empties the sponge on the “goose’s” head. At that, the child jumps up and races the player who is “it” around the circle to fight for the empty spot. Not the best game for the overly competitive as we discovered last summer and the big boys played to win!

Skip ‘n’ Soak

You need at least three for this game. Have two people take the ends of the jump rope and the third stands in the middle with a measured out cup of water in their hand. They have to complete ten jumps while trying not to spill the water in their cup.  Everyone gets a turn, and the person with the most water at the end is the winner. A good variation on this, to prevent winners getting too big for their boots is to have everyone throw their remaining water over the winner to congratulate them!

In the Pool

If you are lucky enough to have a pool or a friend you haven’t annoyed too much yet who will let your kids in their pool, then you might want to check out some of these great pool toys. They are advertised as kids toys, but who among us wouldn’t secretly love to play on the seesaw rocker or with the jellyfish sinkers?

Arcade Shooter Water Float Toy

arcadeThis game is a show stopper. Lather the kids up with sunscreen for they will spend hours at this arcade. Inspired by the carnival gun race, the arcade comes with two constant supply water guns. See who can get all the balls out of the tube first!

Intex Waterslide

slideIntex waterslide. Make a splash all summer long!. Attach garden hose for sprayers to wet slide surface. Eight heavy duty handles. Inflatable bases for stability. Seven air chambers

Swim Thru Rings

ringsswimTest your aquatic agility with Stream Machine Swim Thru Rings. Innovative, collapsible rings, with adjustable air chambers, allow you to change the underwater depth. Spice up your swimming routine with the ultimate test of aquatic athleticism. Whether you’re an avid swimmer or a budding novice, Swim Thru Rings are challenging and fun. Perfect for tournaments and aquatic games, these rings turn ordinary swimming into an engrossing sport. You can use these rings for swimming lessons or for aquatic recreation. The inflatable chambers are decorated with turtles and fish and adjust to your desired depth.

12 Large Hibiscus Hawaiian Luau Pool Party Tote Bags


Large polyester hibiscus design tote bags are fun summer accessories and tropical party favors. Fill with treats and goodies to use as goodie bags at beach parties, pool parties, and luaus.16 1/2″1 dozen assorted colors

Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game


This floating basketball game sets up in minutes, requires no deck space or counter-weight. It floats right in the pool so you can shoot from 360-degree angles. Perfect for all ages, this game is a party favorite and is designed to last for many seasons. Each game comes complete with foam floats, net, stand, and ball.

Water Gear Deluxe Water Fun Pack

RingsFour fun games in one! 6-inch dive rings (3), dive disks (4), diving seahorses (3) and turtle-in-egg (4)

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Jolly Jellyfish Sinkers


Drop these cute sinkers into the pool to kick off diving games, counting activities, races and more. Four sinkers, whimsically shaped like jellyfish with mesh bottoms, are brightly colored, numbered 1-4 and cheerfully decorated with big smiles that will have kids giggling right along with them. The set comes with game ideas to inspire hours of pool-time fun.

Molded Cross-Pole Volly

vollySturdy Blow-Molded Posts with Water Weighted Bases. Fits Inground Pools up to 20-ft in Width. Includes Heavy Duty Net and Real Feel Game Ball.

Sea-Saw Rocker


Swimline rocks your world with the fun see-saw aquatic toy. Rocking cool time for kids!

Inflatable Alligator Ring Toss Game

GatorTossWhat could be more fun at a pool or beach party than an inflatable Alligator Ring Toss game? This friendly gator measures 22″ and is a great activity for a kids’ party. Kids’ throw six assorted color, 5″ plastic rings and try to land them on the Alligator’s mouth or tail.