What do you think of when you think of arthritis? Chances are the first image that springs to mind are that of an older adult with stiff fingers and an inability to open jars. In some ways you would be right, a lot of people living with arthritis fit this profile (it is estimated that 10% of Canadians suffer from osteoarthritis), but there are a large number of people who live with arthritis who are young, otherwise, fit & healthy but struggling with daily pain in their joints.

I had always imagined that arthritis was an old person condition, until discovering I suffered from a type of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis. This is arthritis that predominantly affects the spine, and I was diagnosed after some years of considerable, periodic back pain. The pain killers my doctor prescribed helped when the arthritis was flaring up but was hard on my stomach, so I would only take them when I had to.

So I started using Tylenol Arthritis from time to time. It is a lot more gentle on my stomach, so I was able to take it as soon as a flare-up starts – I don’t have to wait until the pain is terrible to save myself from stomach pain! It is also fast working – I take it as soon as I feel the first twinges in my back and the pain is quickly taken care of for up to eight hours of pain-free play time with the kids.

The thing I appreciate most about Tylenol Arthritis, is that I spend a lot less time shuffling around the house, unable to do very much and a lot more time being able to have fun with the kids, go for long walks and just do the basic things you take for granted when you are without pain. I never thought I’d say this but, having been unable to do things around the house because of pain I am genuinely grateful to be able to do the chores. Tylenol Arthritis allows me to vacuum, cook and do the washing – who knew that I would ever be happy to say that?

When you have a life long condition like arthritis, one of the many issues is the damage that the long term use of pain relief can do to your body. It seems that there is a constant balancing act between medications, the help they provide and the damage they can do. My prescription medications are great, but they carry a high risk of kidney damage when used for a sustained period, and that is another situation where Tylenol Arthritis helps. It is gentle on the kidneys so it is great to use instead of the prescription meds when I can.

I never knew how many people were affected by arthritis and I certainly didn’t imagine I would be diagnosed with it in my 30’s. Here are some more facts about Canadians and arthritis that may surprise you:


  1. My husband has Psoriatic Arthritis too. I know from him just how debilitating it can be.
    I hope you find some relief from the pain.

  2. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in my early 30s but I think I’ve had it most of my life; although it went into remission for a couple of years once. I’ll have to give Tylenol Arthritis a try.