When you ask someone what they want for their birthday, and they say clothes, your heart may sink a little bit. Clothes are always difficult to purchase when you are looking for someone else. There is the difficulty of getting their size right, and that’s without even considering what style of clothing to buy. But, fear not, as there are some tips that will help you.

Take note of what the person usually wears

So many people make the mistake of diving right in, with little consideration for what their loved one actually wears. Now is the perfect time to take more notice. What sort of colours do they wear often? Does she prefer trousers or skirts? Does she wear many dresses? What style of top does she usually wear? By asking yourself these questions, you will build up a picture of the sort of clothing the recipient likes. And, more importantly, you will know what she doesn’t like. If the person never wears pink, don’t buy her a pink T-shirt!

Go for a dress

Unless the person you are buying for despises dresses, this is a good option. The sunny style sundresses always work a treat. They are comfortable to wear, not so size dependent, and you can’t go too wrong.

Ask for help

A lot of people don’t want to ask for help because they feel like it is cheating. It’s not! There is nothing wrong with asking other people that know the recipient for some advice. After all, if it means that you buy her something she adores, then it is totally worth it!

Don’t go for anything tight fitting

There are two reasons why this is a big no when buying clothing as a gift. Firstly, some women are self-conscious and don’t like wearing clothing that fits tight to their skin. Secondly, when you don’t know someone’s size, it is better to play it safe with reasonably loose fitted clothing.

Ask about her favourite brands

Last but not least, get to know the person’s brands of choice. Some women are brand conscious, others don’t really care, and so it is vital to understand what category you are buying. If you know where your loved one likes to shop, you will have already won half the battle. Plus, if you do pick something that they don’t want or doesn’t fit right, at least you know they will be able to get something they like when they exchange it.

Hopefully, the tips that have been provided above can help you to buy the perfect piece of clothing for your other half. It can be a difficult challenge, but with the advice suggested, you are bound to put a smile on your girlfriend’s face.