Candy Crate LogoIt doesn’t matter if you are a big kid or a little one, there are very few of us who don’t like to receive a candy gift from time to time. The trouble I have when choosing some candy is the limited choice you have in the stores. Even on special holidays, you find the same novelty items everywhere. That is where Candy Crate comes in. Candy Crate is the online candy gift store that delivers around the world. Whether you need to say “Thank you,” “Merry Christmas,” “Congratulations” or just a plain old “Thinking of You” then Candy Crate has the perfect gift waiting for you – Off the shelf or for you to make yourself.

Candy Crate very kindly sent me one of their 1980’s retro boxes to try at home, and I wasn’t disappointed (except for the fact I had to share with the kids – that was disappointing!). They ship orders received by 1 pm PST the same day and my crate at our house in 2 days – very speedy indeed for a regular parcel from the states to Canada. This is how the box looks when it first turns up.

Candy Crate 1

How a parcel shows up is not a big deal when you are ordering your gift, but when you are sending a gift to someone else, you want to know that it will turn in in good condition – and the Candy Crate did! It was carefully packed, as you can see from the next photo, plenty of packaging – but nicely done, not just stuffed full of packing paper. It arrived looking like the quality gift it is – which is good to know.

Candy Crate 2

Once out of the box, the 1980’s Candy Crate continued to present well. Again, a high, good quality box, with excellent printing.

Candy Crate 3

Often, when you open this kind of gift, there is a lot of box and a lot of packaging, but the gift inside is half the size you are led to believe. When I opened up the Candy Crate (while holding the kids back), this is what I found. It was choc full of candy – yippee!

Candy Crate 4

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “stop all this talk of boxes and packaging and get onto the candy” – so…….

The 1980’s retro crate is one of Candy Crates best sellers, and I can see why. All of those candies you loved when you were a kid are here, from candy necklaces and ‘proper’ bubble gum to candy cigarettes, fun stripe chews, and Lemon heads. It was great fun to pour them all out and listen to the kid’s marvel at all of this strange candy they had never seen before. Of course, the downside was that they wanted to try it all and we are always teaching them to share, so we let them choose three things each and the rest were for us.

Candy Crate 7 Candy Crate 5 Candy Crate 6 Candy Crate 8

It is amazing really how just a piece of candy can evoke so many memories. Sitting cross-legged on the grass in the garden biting the beads off of my candy necklace – it was like being six again! There is a great variety in the crate, and we thought it was good value for money -it contained approximately 2.5 lbs of candy for $27.96. You can order any decade from the 1940’s to the 1990’s as well as a whole slew of other nostalgic candy items – I think the “My little Pony Retro Candy Filled Tin Lunch Box” would be perfect for our eldest daughter. She is 28 now and was a big My Little Pony fan when she was little. I might treat myself to the “Retro Chocolate Fantasy Gift Box,” as long as I don’t have to share.

All in all, we were jubilant with the Candy Crate and will be using them to send gifts to friends and family that are scattered around the world.

Of course, they also have a huge Christmas selection which you can see here, and loads of them are under $20 gifts I have never seen elsewhere. For example, there’s:

And many many more.