“Would you like to do a Dragons III Playmobil review?”

This is the kind of email I love to recieve. Evey, as you know, is a huge “How To Train Your Dragon” fan and adores Playmobil, so for us it was the perfect pairing.

If You Haven’t Seen The Movie, Read This Before Going Any Further Or Skimming Down The Page

This series of Playmobil HTTYD sets are closely tied to the movie so, if you haven’t seen the movie yet and you’d like to avoid spoilers I’ll let you know now, the Playmobil How To Train Your Dragon, The Hidden World sets are an outstanding addition to both Playmobil and HTTYD fans. As soon as you’ve seen the movie come back here to find out all of the details before you snap up your own.

And Now, Back To The Review Itself

We were sent four items to review. They were:

  • Light Fury With Baby Dragon And Children: Set # (70038)
  • Hiccup And Astrid With Baby Dragon: Set #(70040)
  • Snotlout In Flight Suit: Set #(70043)
  • Fishlegs With Flight Suit: Set #(70044)

The Light Fury with baby dragon and children set comes with:

  • The Light Fury
  • Astrid & Hiccup’s children
  • One of the three available baby dragons
  • 7 fish
  • One woven fish basket
  • One dagger
  • One waist pouch/bag
  • Three projectiles/fire bolts which the Light Fury can shoot from her mouth.

Both dragons have legs, wings, and mouths which can be moved, and the Light Fury can be made to shoot the “fire-bolts” from her mouth. The force of the shot is enough to send the bolt a few feer, but not enough to cause pain or injury.

And believe me, Evey shot fire bolts at all of us, often enough to be sure that this is the case.

The one negative of this set is the plastic from which the Light Fury is constructed. It is the standard material Playmobil uses for all of its sets but because they have used a slightly shimmery white colour it has a tendancy to make the figure look a bit cheap and shoddy.

Which is a shame because the set is as beautifully thought out and executed as we have come to expect from the company who began development of one of our households favorite lines of toy in 1974.

Rather childishly I like to insist that Playmobil was actually born in 1971, when its inventor, Hans Beck first began developing them. This way I can say that both Playmobil and I were born in 1971.

Anyway, I digress.

As you can see in the image below, the Light Fury’s mouth is easily tilted open with one finger. Even the youngest litte ones would be able o enjoy this feature although I should point out that the reccommended age for this one is four years and up.

Luckily for me there’s no upper age limit.

The children are in proportion to the standard Playmobil size so when they are next to the Playmobil “adults” threy do indeed look like little ones.

It was actually quite lucky that we managed to get together the correct seven fish from the set, for the photos.


Well, when the toys were delivered, our postie barely had time to pass the parcel to us before Evey ripped open the packaging and laid claim on the contents. All four sets were swiftly relocated to her room and met up with the items from the first Playmobil How To Train Your Dragon series of toys which we bought her last year.

Therefore we had to sit and separate the contents of each new set from her existing items. Otherwise, this would have been a photo shoot of gargantuan proportionst.

After carefully sticking the boxes together again – her ladyship, madam Evey isn’t the most gentle of little ladies, I was able to snap these photos.

Now, this is why there was a spoiler alert at the beginning. The middle set is of Astrid & Hiccup as they appear at the end of the movie, grown and married.

As you can see, they come complete with a fire over which they can cook their fish supper by holding the fishies on the end of their branches.

As you can see, the happy couple of the big screen has been painstakingly replicated in Playmobils signature style. They may be 1:24 scale but that doesn’t mean the fun is also scaled down because, as you can see in the image below, they are accompanied by one of the Toothless & the Light Fury’s three baby dragons.

A side note – Toothless & The Light Fury sounds like a fantastic band name don’t you think?

as the babies have no official names, Evey has decided that as their mom is a Light Fury and their pop is a night fury the little ones should be called…

Drumroll please……

Night Lights!

Snotlout and Fishlegs are both wearing the flight suits in which they appear in the movie and they are both fully armed, ready to release any captured dragons at the drop of a helmet.

Fishlegs even has his tiny baby Gronkle, held snuggly against his chest in the ancient Viking equivalent of a baby sling.


In case it hasn’t been clear throughout my review, we absolutely adore the Playmobil How To Train Your Dragon line. Not only are they an excellent representation of how the characters look in the latest movie but the set provide many hours of imaginative play.

Playmobil fans and How To Train Your Dragon fans alike, are sure to love this fabulous new addition to an amazing toy brand.

You can buy Playmobil in most good toy shops, on Amazon.ca or direct from Playmobil Canada