Crowdfunding for fundraising began for small business owners who needed help with getting their dreams off the ground. Families, who needed to raise funds for things like illness, death, disaster, and education were on their own. But fundraising sites became more and more popular.  Fundraising sites allowed more freedom to give fundraising a try by having no sign-up fees.  These platforms have allowed families and other groups to raise funds for their important projects easier and more effectively.  Here are just a few ways fundraising sites help average people to achieve their goals.


Many couples would rather have the wedding of their dreams than to have an average wedding and wedding gifts.  By setting up a registry on sites like Honeyfund, family and friends can make a (free) donation to the couple instead of a gift.  The process is easy and can be done from your cell phone, home, or office.


We live in a community.  We watch our children grow, and our children’s children grow. When a young person is ready to pursue their education, we are proud and happy for them. But the cold truth is, sometimes they do not have the necessary funds they need to begin.  A family fundraising site, shared with the community and on social media allows people who care to chip in.  While a person may hesitate to give you $10.00 in person, they will gladly make a $10.00 donation that is added to money others have chipped in.

Having Children

There are children all over the world that need homes and people all over the world who would gladly adopt them and give them a chance at life, but for the expense.  By putting together a fundraising platform, people can help these children and give would-be parents the greatest joy of life.  This allows them a simple tool that makes a big difference.

Other couples can conceive, but they need medical assistance to make their dream come true. IV treatments are very costly. A fundraising site allows people who love the couple to contribute. The help of many shares the financial load.

Maternity leave

Once the couple becomes pregnant, they may need extra time off to care for the mother and the child.  A maternity leave fund is a great Plumfund platform.  Through this platform, you can give the gift of time.  


Bad things happen to good people.  Fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, ice, and other natural disasters can destroy everything we own.  As the recent disasters in Louisiana, California, and Texas have shown us, we can lose everything in a moments time.

Medical care

It is no secret in America, the cost of medical and dental care is steep.  Even with insurance, a moderate illness can bankrupt a family.  Using fundraising sites for medical care allows other people to help families with expenses that will extend and improve their quality of life.

Using fundraising sites for the needs of a family is a smart way to get the funds they need. This allows people to give a little, and help a lot. It is safe, effective, and easy to do.