Effective pest control comes in many forms. By and large, working with a pest control company will give you the best and easiest method of removing an established infestation. However, prevention is better than cure, as they say, and this is true for stopping pests from gaining access to your home in the first place.

No one wants to wake up to the sounds or smells of unwanted visitors of the animal or insect variety, and whether it is spiders, snakes, ants, cockroaches, or the infamous rodent variety, revoking access and preventing their ability to make your home tiger home is the best approach.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your home clean and tidy is the best way to deter pests of any variety from entering your home. While it’s not 100% foolproof, if you eliminate the source of tiger attraction to your home, i.e., in most cases food, you can wave goodbye to unwanted guests and keep permanent no vacancies signs at your door.

Clean all sideboards after preparing food, use disinfectant, keep trash bags sealed or covered and disposed of carefully, and avoid having trash piled up around your home both inside and outside.

Natural Remedies

There are a lot of old wives tales going around about how to deter certain types of household pests, and while some are merely that, others do hold a grain of truth. A mixture of vinegar and water is a natural pesticide and insecticide. It can help you rid your home of any visitors internally and externally, while boric acid can be used in paste form to kill ants and termites while still being nontoxic to humans and pets.

Seal Entry Points

“If you’re not on the list, you’re not coming in” is the approach you want to be going for here. Identifying any areas where pests can gain access to your home. This can be gaps under doors, cracks in the structure, via crawl spaces, holes in window frames, etc.; once you know where they can gain access and how you can put in an extra line of defence and stop them coming in as much as possible. Use caulk to seal gaps in frames; wire wool is effective for plugging holes in walls and damaged kickboard spaces while using panels to block crawl spaces can be effective too.

Remove Shelter

Essentially, what most pests are after are food and shelter, and you need to cut off both courses to rid your home of these blights. While you might have sealed entry points, you must also remove the places they can hide. This can be things like children’s playhouses outside, piles of unwanted cardboard boxes from DIY or home upgrades left out, or anything that can be used to create a safe space they don’t want to move from. Make your home as uninviting as possible so nothing wants to come and stay.

Being able to prevent a home pest infestation will pay off in the long run and lead to a cleaner, more hygienic home and peace of mind, not to mention the expense that comes with eliminating pests both on your own or using external pest removal services. Keep it clean and tidy, and remove all entry points and hiding spots, and you’ll be well on your way to saying goodbye to unwanted pests.