Twozies are the cutest little babies but they need your help. Each of these adorable figures comes with its very own pet friend but they’ve all been mixed up. It’s your job to find and match the Twozie babies with their little pet friends – can you reunite them?

We were sent a season one “Two-Gether” pack and a season one “Friends pack” to check out. The Two-Gether Pack contains 6 Babies and  6 Pets including one “Perfect Match”. The Friends pack has three babies plus three pets, and both sets come complete with a collector’s guide so you can name and match your babies and pets with ease.



What the kids thought

Evey was incredibly excited to get her little hands on these. I knew she would be and hid them away in the cupboard so I could take photos of the packages above before she ripped them open.

Once both packages were opened she spread out the enclosed collectors guide so she could begin putting names to these delightful little figures. The “Two-Gether” package contained a matching set – baby ‘Gracey’ and her pet friend ‘Forest’ – he red pair shown below. Adding the Twozies from the ‘Friends’ pack she was able to make a second pair –  baby ‘Hunny’ and her pet friend ‘Potz’ – the pretty little pair below in yellow.



Evey is enjoying making up games with her new little friends and their pets. They have travelled in the truck, explored the garden and the local hiking trails, and even been camping with us. She has them proudly displayed on a shelf in her bedroom and has played with them each and every day for the past two weeks.



What the grown-ups thought

These are exactly the kind of things I would have loved when I was a kid. Cute collectibles to mix and match and make up your own stories for when you play. The wide range of Twozies (there are 140 to collect in total) mean that the fun will keep on coming for some time and I suspect, that like Shopkins, there will be more seasons to collect in the future.

I can see how these adorable little collectible dolls would make a great gift. The various size packages mean they are great as small birthday gifts for friends and the larger sets are certainly something we would consider as a special gift for Evey. Alternatively she would like to save up her birthday money and buy more for herself – for instance there are the ‘Two-Cool Ice -Cream Cart” and the “Two-Sweet Row Boat”


However, my personal favourite is the “Two-Playful Cafe” which I can see me playing with  Evey enjoying for many hours given the opportunity.


Find out more about Twozies has prinatbles, contests, and information about all of the Twozie products all in one fun place. You can also follow them on Facebook

Where you can get Twozies of your own

Twozies are available from Toys-r-Us both in store and online – but they are disappearing quickly and you are limited to just two items at a time online!