Whiffer Sniffer

This month Whiffer Sniffers made their Canadian debut at Toys”R”Us and here at the Barnes house, we were lucky enough to be sent (scent?) a couple to check out.

What are Whiffer Sniffers?

Whiffer Sniffers are collectible, scented plush characters with very distinctive personalities to match their scents. There are Whiffer Sniffer stickers Popular characters include Sunny Pop, Sugar Cake, Bubble and Jimmy S’more.

There are currently 14 Whiffer Sniffers characters available to collect and all of them are available in a collectible backpack clip or a huggable plush size.
Series 1 Whiffer Sniffers:


Tony Pepperoni (Pizza)
Freddy Frosted (Chocolate Donut)
Tangerina Ballerina (Tangerine)
Adam Apple (Apple)
Bitsy Berry (Strawberry)
  • Kaumana Wanna Smellya (Pineapple)
I.B. Poppin’ (Popcorn)
Dilly Yo (Pickle)
  • Chilly Pepper (Chili Pepper)

Series 2 Whiffer Sniffers:

  • Ben Sizzlin’ (Bacon)
  • Billy Bluesberry (Blueberry)
  • Chip (Chocolate)
  • Jerry Pie (Cherry Pie)
  • King Conga Coconut (Pina Colada)
  • Milton Melon (Watermelon)
  • Sugar Cake (Strawberry cupcake)
  • Sunny Pop (Orange cream popsicle)

The ‘Mystery Pack’ Whiffer Sniffers

  • Mystery Pack 1 – Jimmy S’more (S’more)
  • Mystery Pack 2 – Frenchy (French Toast)
Mystery Pack 3 – Bubbles (Bubble Gum)

What did the little ones think?

Evey pounced on ‘Chip’ the cute little chocolate chip clip straight away and she likes to wear him on the belt loop of her jeans. Evey’s explanation for this is – she can have him with her all of the time, even when she’s not carrying a bag or a lunch box.

Whiffer Sniffer Chip

Visitors to the house have to smell chip and although most are reluctant at first, everyone, without fail, says how lovely he smells and are always surprised at how realistic the super tasty chocolate scent is. The only trouble with the smell of Chip is that he makes me crave chocolate!

Meanwhile, Gabe got hold of Adam Apple, the full-size snuggly Whiffer Sniffer that smells just like a big bag full of fresh apples. Adam now resides on Gabes bed and must be there before the night light goes on or else we have to hunt around the house for him. Fortunately, when you loose a Whiffer Sniffer you can find it again just by wondering around the house sniffing!

Mom’s View

I was worried the smell from the Whiffer Sniffers would be overwhelming and the scent is quite strong when you first take it out of the packaging. However, after a couple of hours, it seems to stabilise and becomes a pleasant background smell you don’t really notice – unless you put your nose to the Whiffer Sniffer and take in a good lung full!

They are collectible and swappable and are big enough not to get lost easily – which is a huge bonus in our home. I’d be happy to see either of our little kiddos choose more of these.

More details & where to get them

Whiffer Sniffers series one and two are now available exclusively at Toys”R”Us,Canada. Visit a store near you to find your mystery pack or head to www.toysrus.ca and start your Whiffer Sniffers collection before all of your friends!

Right now collectors have the opportunity to find one of 160 gold mystery packs hidden in Toys-R-Us stores nationwide. Mystery gold packs contain super rare Whiffer Sniffers characters, which are a combination of two existing characters.

Whiffer Sniffers are for ages 3 and up. For more information, please visit www.whiffersniffers.com where you can also find lots of fun games, colouring pages, printable crafts, and more!

Whiffer Sniffers pin