One of the best things about the holiday season is that it continues to evolve. While we still think of Christmas in terms of snow, and sleighs, and snowmen, today we also think of Reindeer in Here, electronic Christmas cards, and Ugly Christmas Sweater parties.

I think the reason these have become so popular is that although they are called ugly CHRISTMAS sweaters, they are fun for everyone – you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to participate or enjoy the joke.

So, what do you need to throw an ugly Christmas sweater party?

If you want to throw the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater party, you have come to the right place.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Food And Drink

I was going to create my own party food, but those of you who know me well know that I’m a kitchen nightmare. So here are my favourite finds from around the internet, complete with links to the original posts and instructions.

This gorgeous cake is from Mom Loves Baking.

Wow, your guests with these incredible party deserts and sweet snacks by “And Everything Sweet.”

Games For Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Sset up some of these simple but fabulously fun games.

Gift Card Wheel Of Fortune

This one is very easy to set up. Cut out a circle from a piece of card or stiff paper. Write the message “Only # Of These Has Money On It/ Them” Using the number of the card(s) you have pre-loaded.

Write a number on the back of each preload card, somewhere between 1 and however many cards you are using. Make a note of the numbers you have written on the back of the winning cards so you can congratulate your winners as soon as they pick a loaded card.

The Christmas Drawing Game

Provide a group of guests with paper and pens and follow the directions on the sheet below.

The Christmas Trivia Game

Have either individuals or teams write down the answers to these questions – but make sure they aren’t cheating by Googling the answers!

When you have asked all of the questions – YOU Google the answers so there are no arguments over whether or not you’re correct!

Bottoms Up

Set this game up as you would a game of skittles on a table. Then, instead of a ball you tie a bauble around the waist of your victim and have them try to knock down the cans.

Now I’d love to see your party photos – if you dare! Share on your social channels and tag me with @RedheadedPatti and let’s all have a fabulous Christmas.