Why do we need to make an effort to set up outdoor activities for our kids? Aren’t the little horrors supposed to need constant stimulation and a new experience every day?

Kids are curious and playful creatures by nature. That’s why you can often find them trying to fit all manner of things up their tiny little noses. Either that or asking horribly awkward questions about bodily functions in a super loud voice when you have company over.

Because of their inate sense of adventure, you would think the opportuinty to enjoy outside activities and reak havoc on the unsuspecting world at large would be something all kids would jump at. ‘fraid not.

In these times of electronic entertainment, it can be challenging to make outdoor activities for your kids, appealing enough to break the hypnotic pull of bright screens and the pixelated multiverse at their fingertips. Yes, there are fabulous learning experiences online, my kids love Safari Tales and so do I, but the key is balance.

Outdoor activities for kids + Indoor activities for kids = Well balanced kiddos with moms who stay sane.

Participating in outdoor activities has a plethora of benefits for kids; the chance to develop social skills, explore their surroundings, experience endless adventures, and strengthen their physical and mental health.

So how do we fight the lure of Minecraft, Fornite, and YouTube celebs? Well, we have to make an effort to entice our would-be explorers with a few parental tricks.

Take the time to double your efforts in persuading them to play outside. Here’s an infographic from Fun Kids Guide that illustrates simple tips and tricks on how you can make outdoor activities for kids more appealing. 

7 Ways You Can Make Outdoor Activities Fun For Your Kids Infographic


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