As Halloween approaches our thoughts often turn to stocking up on candy (and trying not eating our stock of candy) and costumes for the kids. Our youngest two have moved past the stage where I can dress them how I like and have started having annoying opinions of their own. This year I asked, with bated breath, what they would like to be for Halloween. There were no pretty fairies or cute animals in their responses; their inspiration was all Netflix!

Evey wants to be Astrid from Dragons: Race to the Edge – a Netflix original series and How to Train Your Dragon spin-off. Apparently, I have been too successful in raising a strong, independent daughter who will not be constrained by stereotypes. She wants to be Astrid because (and I quote), “She’s the best, strongest girl on TV. She lets the boys think they are in charge but she is the one who has the ideas and solves the problems, and she’s not afraid to fight the bad guys or cuddle her friends.”

What could I say to that? With that rationale I couldn’t say no, so we embarked on an Astrid adventure that resulted in not only creating her costume but making maps, monsters and our own book of dragons!


If you would like to make an Astrid costume for your very own Viking warrior, here is what you need:


1. One striped long sleeved t-shirt

2. One pair of dark leggings

3. One old skirt or pair of shorts

4. One pair of long dark socks

5. Six A4 sheets of dark brown felt

6. Six A4 sheets of mid-brown felt

7. One pack of mid-brown binding

8. Ninety studs or stud shape beads or buttons

9. Two A4 sheets of foam board

10. One pack of air dry clay

11. White paint

12. Black paint, silver paint

13. Scissors

14. Glue gun

Evey-as-Astrid_17And here’s how to do it:


1. Stretch the waistband of your shorts/skirt as far as it will go

2. Glue the dark brown felt sheets around the waistband, overlapping each sheet by about 4 inches

3. Cut five of the mid-brown sheets into three strips each

IMG_68434. Round the ends of the strips

5. Glue the strips onto the waistband and then glue four studs onto each strip

6. Now cut the sleeves off of your long-sleeved t-shirt and cut a straight line (downwards) about an inch in the center of the neck line

7. Cut a hole into the ends of the sleeves so your little Astrid can hook their finger through

8. Cut a strip of felt long enough to fit as a headband and glue on studs

Evey-as-Astrid_079. Use the binding to wind around ‘Astrid’s’ arms and secure the arm bands

10. Glue a strip of fur around the top of the socks. You should have something that looks like this:

Evey-as-Astrid_0111. Now use the clay to make the skulls. I did this by making a small ball of clay, squashing it flat and then pinching one side into an almost pointed tip. We used the end of a pencil to make the eye holes and cut a rough cross into the ‘beak.’ You will need one skull to join each felt strip on the front of the skirt (we used six, but this depends on how many felt strips you’ll need for your ‘Astrid’), plus two for each shoulder armour. You’ll need roughly 10 to 12 of these in total.

Evey-as-Astrid_1112. Once the skulls are dry, paint them white (a rough paint job looks better) and highlight the eyes and ‘beak’ cross in black


13. When dry, glue the skulls to the skirt

14. To make the armour, cut ten strips from the foam board. Make them slightly curved and approximately two inches wide.

15. Glue four studs to each strip and bend the strips to make a curved shape. Then attach all curved strips together to form a curved shell.

Evey-as-Astrid_1316. Spray the curved shoulder plate silver

17. Glue a skull to the point where the strips overlap

18. Use a strip of felt to connect the two shoulder plates around ‘Astrid’s’ arm as well as a felt piece to connect the shoulder plates across ‘Astrid’s’ back

Evey-as-Astrid_1519. You now have all of the pieces of your costume ready and can put them together! For reference, it should look something like this:



We had so much fun we are planning to make costumes of Hiccup and Toothless too!


  1. I loveeee this brilliant idea.. Astrid is super cute and for sure kids love her. Will be perfect for this upcoming halloween ..


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