Outdoor living is a big trend right now, and I’m sure that you will hear it mentioned multiple times if you ever flick through a lifestyle magazine. But what exactly does “outdoor living” mean? It doesn’t mean that we need to move out of our house and live in a tent outside… does it?

I think that most people will agree that outdoor living simply means spending more time outside in nature. It’s good to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air every now and then, after all, and it can also encourage us all to be a bit more active. And there is no better place to get started with some outdoor living than in your very own garden. To enjoy some outdoor living and start to understand what it is all about, you just need to start enjoying your garden as often as you can. If possible, you should be using it all year round.

You might not fancy heading out into the garden during the middle of winter when the weather is terrible but, believe me, there are some things you can do to help your garden come alive even when it is otherwise quite dreary outside. Here are some brilliant tips that can help you to create a year-round garden.

Invest In Patio Heaters

Firstly, you need to make sure that your outdoor area is going to be nice and warm even when the sun isn’t out. The easiest way to do this is to take a look at chimneys, outdoor gas fires, and patio heaters so that you can turn on some heat whenever you need it. Most people will place their heater within a close proximity to their patio or the corner of garden where they have their garden furniture. That way, they can be heated while relaxing at the garden table or lounging on garden chairs. Once you do add a patio heater to the garden, you will find that you are easily tempted to use your outdoor space more even in the late autumn when the temperatures have dropped.

Go For Waterproof Garden Furniture

If you need to buy some new garden furniture, it’s a good idea to look for pieces that are made out of waterproof materials. That way, you don’t have to worry about storing them through the winter as they can be left out in all elements. Some people struggle to find any indoor storage for their garden furniture if they don’t have a shed or other outbuilding where they can keep it, and it can end up cluttering their home. But buying pieces that are waterproof completely eliminates that issue. You might just have to clean the items every now and then, but I’m sure that you will agree that it is a lot easier than finding somewhere to store it all!

Split The Garden Into Sections

You might also like the idea of splitting your garden into sections to give it a few different purposes. Some homeowners have found that since they have done this, they are more likely to want to use their garden as there are different things they can do out there. For instance, if you are into gardening, you might want to add a small vegetable patch to one corner of it. Adding a patio is also a fantastic suggestion as it gives you a solid flooring to place your garden furniture so that you can enjoy alfresco meals. You will find that the more sections you add, then the more reasons you will have to use your garden.

Add A Pond

If you have the space, you will find that adding a pond to your garden can be really beneficial for various reasons. One of the main ones is that it will encourage more wildlife into your garden, which can help transform the whole space into a healthy ecosystem. Plus, it can add a touch of tranquility to your outdoor space as well. Adding a pond to a garden is relatively easy and many people are surprised that they can manage the whole job on their own. You will be able to buy all the tools and equipment that you need at your nearest gardening store. Of course, if you don’t fancy carrying out the work, you will be able to enlist the help of a local landscape gardener to take care of it all for you.

Minimize The Area Of Lawn

Even though lawns can look pretty and really enhance the overall look of a garden, they are remarkably hard work. After all, you will need to mow them regularly, and that will mean at least once a week during the summer as the heat will make all the grass grow super fast. If you don’t fancy a garden that is too much maintenance, it’s best to minimize the size of the lawn. You can do this by replacing a section with paving or gravel. It’s still easy to make a gorgeous garden even if you completely replace the lawn. After all, you could create a stylish patio or a stunning rockery.

Add A Patio Roof

If you have a patio or a similar outdoor space where you regular sit and eat, it’s important to remember to create some shade over it. That way, you can continue to use this space even when it is very hot and the sun is shining directly onto it. We all know that it is essential to be safe in the hot summer sun, and getting plenty of shade is all part of that. Sure, you could add some trees around the patio to create some natural shade, but there is no guarantee that the trees will always provide you with complete coverage. A patio roof is going to completely block the sun out so you can continue sitting outside without any discomfort.

Choose Perennial Flowers

When you are deciding which types of plants and flowers to plant in your garden, it’s best to go with perennials. These are ones that should last for around two years before dying. More often than not, perennials will bloom and be bright all year round, so there will always be colour in your garden. Not only that, though, but perennials have a really good reputation for being low maintenance. You won’t have to worry about tending to them at all, even through the winter. Perfect for those of you who don’t consider yourselves to be good gardeners!

Plant Some Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are a great addition in any garden. They also give you an extra reason to use your garden – you can harvest them for their fruit, which can be eaten as it is or used in cooking and bakery! Fruit trees are relatively easy to look after too as you just need to plant them and let them do their own thing. Apple trees are some of the most common fruit ones, but you should also be able to find trees that bear pears, plums, and elders.

Consider A Pizza Oven

I’m sure that you will probably already have a barbecue in your garden. Lots of families do, and they spend many summer evenings grilling in their backyard. It’s a great way to mix up your usual evening meals! But why not add an outdoor pizza oven as well?! One of the best things about outdoor pizza ovens is that they can be used whatever the weather. After all, the fire is completely covered so there is no way that rain or wind will put it out. So, you will be able to have deliciously crispy, authentic pizzas at any time of the year!

Think About A Summer House

Some people find that the addition of a summer house to their garden helps them use their garden all year round. They will be able to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air even if it is drizzling with rain. Not only that, though, but it is possible to insulate summer houses these days as well as add some heating to them. Once you’ve equipped your summer house with all that, you will be able to sit out in even the coldest of weather. Some people love to use their summer house when it is raining so that they can stay comfy and watch the pouring rain up close.


Remember A Greenhouse

If you love planting plants and have a lot of seedlings and young plants to take care of, you might want to add a greenhouse to your garden. This will create some protection for your plants once the weather gets cold. It also means that you will be able to grow some slightly exotic plants as well as it will create a constantly humid atmosphere that those kinds of plants love.

As you can see, there are lots of different ways you can create a garden that is perfect for year-round use. Do you have any more great tips that should be added to this list?