Policy: Sponsored Posts

RedheadedPatti accepts the placement of select sponsored posts – sometimes referred to as sponsored content, advertorials, or native advertising. For the rest of this policy, the term sponsored post will be used but this covers all forms of content placement in return for a financial payment.

Here’s an outline of our policy for sponsored posts.

All Sponsored Posts Will Be Clearly Labelled

Articles that have been placed in return for payment will be labelled with “Sponsored Post” and will also carry the name of the advertiser that paid for them. Social media posts promoting these articles will also be clearly labelled with ‘Sponsored Post.’

We Maintain The Right To Refuse Sponsored Content

We maintain the right to refuse any sponsored content.

Sponsored Posts Will Meet Our Usual Editorial Standards

While the creative style of sponsored content may be reflective of the creator, and as such different from the regular RedheadedPatti.com style, the quality, and editorial standards will remain the same.

Why Do We Do This?

RedheadedPatti is a successful website, but digital publishing is a challenging medium in which to make enough to cover our costs. Advertising markets are very competitive and the use of ad blockers is on the rise, which has an impact on our bottom line.

In order to support RedheadedPatti.com and continue bringing you high-quality content you have come to expect, we have sought other forms of income, such as sponsored content.