This is the time of year when many of us busy parents look for simple craft ideas to share with the kids. The thing is, Christmas crafts for kids are fantastic in theory, but, honestly, they are never as simple to plan, shop for, and execute as you first think.

I feel your pain. I am always the crafty Pinterest mom in my imagination, but more of a hopeless hot glue gun mess in reality. Sometimes even the thought of trying to get together a few dollar store craft items, get them home and actually carrying out the craft with the kiddos can be overwhelming.

With this thought in mind, here is a quick and simple craft that is not only manageable but will look good enough for you to want to display the end result instead of hiding it behind a door.


If you are looking for something simple to do by yourself you can try our Rustic Twig And Felt Christmas Tree craft.


    • Pinecones
    • Silver glitter paint
    • Paintbrush
    • Hot glue gun
    • Red ribbon
    • Small holiday themed clothespins
    • Rope or twine
    • Scissors
  • Rustic holiday ornaments (optional)


Begin by holding your pinecone upside down by the tip and painting the edges of the pinecone with silver glitter paint. Lay the pinecones down gently on a protected surface and allow them to dry completely.

Once dry, cut a small loop of red ribbon (we used burlap), and glue it to the bottom of the pinecone, which will be the part that faces up on the garland. There is usually a small notch there that you can glue the ribbon too. You can see the photo for reference on how to do this.

Cut a length of twine or rope that is as long as you would like your garland to be.

Alternate hanging the painted pinecones along the length of the rope or twine with small holiday-themed clothespins. If you cannot find the clothespins, you can make your own out of regular sized clothespins, or just hot glue the pinecones directly to the rope or twine by its ribbon hanger.

You can boost the rustic look of your pinecone garland by alternating other inexpensive rustic holiday ornaments among the pinecones on the garland. The ones used here were found at the Dollar Tree.