If you are looking for a cute but simple Christmas craft then our Christmas Gnome could be the perfect handicraft for you. Easily made from materials you probably have knocking about the home anyway, you can substitute the cotton batting with cotton wool and use any colour you like for the felt hats and pom-poms.

Make one Christmas Gnome to perch cheekily on your fireplace or maybe make a trio for under the tree.

Supplies needed:

– cotton batting

– white thread or floss

– craft felt in your choice of colour

– medium crafting pom-poms in your choice of colour

– small crafting pom-poms in pink

– scissors

– hot glue, glue gun


1. Begin by balling up the cotton batting. Just ball it in your hand like you are making a snowball. 

2. Take the floss or thread and gently tie it around the batting. Wrap it twice in alternating directions and tie to secure. This will help the batting stay in a ball.

3. Cut the felt into a pointed arch as shown. Roll it to create a felt cone. 

4. Secure the cone shape by adding a dab of hot glue along the edge of the felt. Gently press.

5. Add a drop of glue at the top of the cone. Press a medium pom-pom to it to create the hat.

6. At the bottom of the hat, apply a thin line of hot glue. Press the hat to the top of your cotton batting ball. Hold in place until secure.

7. Add a small drop of glue to a pink pom-pom. Place it directly under the hat to create the gnome’s nose.

8. Gently pull at the batting below the nose to create a beard.

Your Christmas gnome is now ready to be displayed!

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