Having fun with your kids is an important part of parenting, but one that often gets the back seat. Read on to see five fun activities you can do with your kids and create happy, wholesome memories together.

1. Get Crafting

Many children enjoy crafting due to the fun involved and the fact that they get to make something. For this, there are many options available, from making new items to repurposing existing ones and fixing broken ones. While at it, you could also teach your child some important skills that may come in handy for them in the future. For instance, while crafting some jewelry together, share with them the fact that one way to know that a ring is too large is if, while on, it easily swivels 360 degrees whenever you move your hand for those without overly large knuckles.

2. Wash the Car

Another fun and practical activity you can do with your kids is to go out and wash the car if it’s a sunny day. This will present them with an activity to do while also giving them a chance to play. Fun with water is a fantastic way to keep cool in hot weather, so if your car is in need of a good scrub, you can impart the skill to them at an early age. This way, they will be at an advantage when they’re adults and it’s time for them to wash their own car to either save some money or also have a fun time with their own children.

3. Play a Trivia Game

A trivia game will help your children learn things that they don’t already know in a fun way. For this reason, always have a few games at hand or know how to make one up on the spot, making sure that everyone knows the rules they need to play by. They will improve their general knowledge and learn things such as the average altitude for a helicopter to fly at, which ranges from 12,000 to 15,000 feet. If there’s a subject that they have trouble with at school, you could also turn to revise it into a fun game of sorts with rewards and more.

4. Create a Boredom Jar

To be free of the task of thinking of a new activity on the spot each time your child says that they’re bored, you could take one day off to create a boredom jar. Write down some interesting activities to do on strips of paper, fold them, and then fill the jar up with them. Doing this will help you easily find something to keep your kids occupied in a pinch. Whenever the jar starts to run low, fill it up again, sharing this activity with them as well, so that it’s completely engaging for them.

5. Read a Story Together

Just as with crafts, stories are an amazing way to pique your kids’ curiosity and keep them involved in a fun and educational activity. You could make it educative as well by reading a story in a language that you’re trying to teach your kids. This will help them enjoy learning even more, and it will also make it easy for them to grasp the basics of what you’re teaching them. This will be good for younger children, since from seven to eight years of age, children can easily learn to speak a second language without an accent and with fluent grammar. Their ability to master a foreign language gradually declines after this crucial period.

These activities should get you started on a few hours of constructive fun, so give them a go as soon as you can.