It is important that you show the people you love that you care about them. Studies have shown people that who have strong connections to others and that feel loved enjoy better health. How can you show someone that you care? These five simple gestures will show your loved ones that you care.

Send Flowers

A unique floral arrangement for any occasion is an easy way to show your loved ones that you care about them. 99% of people polled said that they think flowers are thoughtful. A beautiful flower arrangement is a perfect way to send sympathy, recognize an accomplishment, celebrate a birthday, and wish someone well.

A unique flower arrangement customized to fit your loved one’s specific tastes, like including their favorite flowers, personalizes the arrangement and delivers the message that you are paying attention to what they enjoy. Flowers are the perfect anytime gift. You cannot always be with the people you care about but flowers are a great way to show you are thinking about them and with them in spirit.

It does not need to be a special occasion to brighten someone’s day with flowers. Sending flowers anytime is a nice reminder that you care.

A Personalized Gift For Dog or Cat Parents

Most pet owners consider their pets as part of the family. Purchasing a gift that includes the pet or a custom gift that uses the pet’s image is a great way to show the pet owners in your life that you care. 12% of pet owners that were surveyed after losing their pet report that they are still deeply grieving over the loss three years later. Memorializing your loved one’s pet with a custom framed portrait or another type of display is a great way to show them you understand their pain.

Even a simple gift like a t-shirt with the pet’s image can lift the spirits of your loved one and show them you care. Feelings of depression after the loss of a pet can increase the risk of other health problems. Mourners report that support from friends and family made the biggest positive difference in the grief process. Give The Gift of Music

Music is the universal language and a very powerful tool. People that listen to music often report feeling less stressed than people that do not. Music is used to heal people and get them on the path of good health.

Music can invoke wonderful memories. A recent survey found that about 76% of millennials listen to music in the car and about 82% of Gen Z do according to the same survey. Get creative and make an old-school mix CD of all the favorite tunes you enjoy together. Each time they hear the CD they will think of you.

If CDs are not your thing, make an electronic playlist, save the file and email it. This is a great gift to not only show someone you care but to ensure that they are thinking about you and all the fun you have together.

Give Them a Break

Looking for a unique gift for a new mom? How about hiring a cleaning team to come in a couple of times to clean up the house for them?” This will give the new parents a nice break from housework and show you care. You can do this for anyone that needs a little extra help, whether due to ill health or just an overly hectic schedule.

Give The Gift of Time

Showing someone you care about means showing up when they need you. Create a coupon book of all the things that you are willing to do for this person, and let them choose which tasks they need you to perform. Some ideas include a coupon for a lunch together, or sitting with them through their favorite movie, or participating in an activity that they love but you hate. Handing out coupons that can be redeemed at the receiver’s whim is a great way to show you care.

There are plenty of fun simple ways to show someone you care. Get creative and make it personal and your loved one will know that you care about them no matter how much you spend on a gift.