Winter is coming, which means you’re going to have to spruce up your wardrobe to match the chilly temperatures and the harsher elements. Over the coming months, temperatures are going to drop and you’re going to find yourself facing harsher winds, rain, sleet, snow and more. You’re going to have to dress accordingly if you’re going to stay warm, dry and comfortable while spending time outdoors. The good news is that shops are up to date and have a host of perfect options for you to choose from. Here are some items that you should seriously look into adding to your winter wardrobe!


Did you know that your body loses the most heat from your head? This is an exit point for a lot of the hear that your body naturally generates, so by covering it, you can help to retain some warmth. This is where hats can come in useful. Now, when choosing the best hat for the season, look for something that’s really going to insulate you. Thick, knitted materials tend to be best. There are so many designs out there to choose from, from beanie hats to bobble hats. Try a few varieties to find one that matches your personal look and style.


Many clothing stores will also have a wide range of gloves to choose from this year. Your hands are another extremity that can lose a lot of heat in cold weather. Covering them not only preserves heat but can also help you to avoid numb fingers or ache from wind exposure. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to gloves. If you want ultimate warmth, mittens will achieve this. If you want ease of movement, gloves are better. If you need to be tactile, you may consider fingerless gloves. Using your phone a lot? There are gloves that still work on phone screens.


A range of scarves to match a number of different outfits is a good idea too. Opt for thick and heavily knitted fabrics, as opposed to more lightweight and sheer scarves. This can really help to keep warmth in around your neck and can prevent the wind from hitting your neck too!


Boots are an essential. At least one good pair of winter boots will keep you going throughout the winter. This will keep your feet warm, especially when paired with a pair of thick, fluffy or knitted socks. If possible, opt for something waterproof. This can prevent your feet from getting wet if it begins to rain or you step in a puddle.

A Coat

Your winter coat will be the crowning jewel of your winter collection. This is the item that you will probably get the most use out of during the cold months of the year. Shop around to find something that you really love, as winter coats tend to come at a significant cost. You need to make sure you’re investing in something that is durable and will stand the test of time.

These investments will all contribute to the ultimate winter wardrobe!