The holidays are right around the corner. And then there will be another round of them coming again. Get ready for all of the festivities with the best gifts you can find for everyone on your list.

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Everyone enjoys receiving jewelry for special occasions. Finding the best piece for your loved one is just as fun as seeing their eyes when they open the special gift.

Watches are always a stylish and functional idea for anyone on your list. A unique choice when gifting a watch is the selection of a wooden watch. You can choose from a fashionable predesigned option or create your own. Design the wooden band, crown, and dial. Have a sentimental message of love and appreciation engraved onto the back of the watch to add a special touch.

Other types of jewelry that are great for gift giving are earrings and necklaces. Purchase them as a pair or as individual gifts. Find out what type of finish your special person likes, such as platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, etc. With this information in mind, go ahead and mix and match or complement as you think your recipient will enjoy.


If you are thinking about giving a book for a celebration, it is likely that you already know that it will be an appropriate gift. Being aware of their affinity for books, you still need to find out what types of books they are interested in reading. Add in some fun book-related gifts to make it extra special. Try some of the tips in this video to help you find the next best book for your loved one.


The gift of time is worth more to the special people in your life than you can imagine. When you show them that they are worth spending your valuable time on – they feel it within and will hold it dearly.

If you have older family members, sit down with them and talk about their past, distant memories, or listen to what they wish to share with you. Perhaps you can prop up your phone and record their conversation. Some fun ideas to record are family histories and holiday traditions. You might want to pair this event with one of the popular genealogy DNA kits as a gift. They are simple to use and quick to prepare at home. The results will bring more opportunities to discuss potential ancestral lineage or emigration from generations past when the results come in. 

Another fun thing to do together, regardless of age, is to make cherished family recipes. Bring out the recipe box and create a new memory together in the kitchen, whether you are with young ones or an older family member. You can record this opportunity, too. Your elders will guide you on making a special meal, or you can teach a new generation about their culinary past. Consider gifting a custom-made cutting board with a favourite recipe engraved on it.

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When choosing the perfect gift for any upcoming season, be sure to make it remarkable with a personalized note telling the recipient how special they are to you. They will cherish the note as much as the beautiful gift you have found just for them.