A new baby is perhaps one of the best life experiences a person can have. It is a huge learning curve, and this prospect daunts some people, which is entirely natural. You don’t really know what to expect and having a tiny human who is totally dependant on you is a big deal.

To help you prepare for your new baby, we have come up with a list of things for you to consider:

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You and Your Partner

Being pregnant can cause a lot of emotional upheavals. One day you may feel like crying all the time, or the next, your temper gets the better of you. Not every expectant mother is beside themselves with glee for nine months. Feeling down is natural.

However, your partner will not necessarily understand how you feel unless you talk to them. You have to impress upon them exactly how you are feeling. Hormones will be going rampant, especially in the first trimester, and you may struggle with the change in your body, which can make pregnancy very hard for some women. Then there are all the other physical things, like morning sickness, leaking nipples, etc.

If your partner understands and is sympathetic to your needs and worries, you will get through it a lot better. You will know when you have acted unreasonably. You need to make sure that your partner knows you do not mean to be moody and that you appreciate them. Try and organize date nights, and laugh as much as you can, despite how bad you may be feeling. They may not be the one who is pregnant, but they are your biggest support, and you will need them more and more the larger you get. 

Your Support Network

The more people you can enlist to help you, the better. During the first few months, you may struggle to find your feet through all the tiredness and potential pain you may be in. Having someone pop to the shop for you or pick up that parcel could be a Godsend.

Even if your relationships with extended family haven’t exactly been the best, a new baby is a perfect opportunity to heal them. A new baby is new hope and can offer everyone involved some happy and joyous moments. Use this opportunity to make a better life for yourself, your baby, your partner, and everyone else who is emotionally involved.

Maybe you could let people in a little more. Perhaps they could get involved in planning a baby shower. Let them buy you things too if they want to. Do not look a gift-horse in the mouth. Take a look at the best gifts for new parents and see what they are happy to get.  

Save, Save, Save

You can’t save too much money before the baby arrives, so you should start this as early as you can. For some of us, it may be pretty tricky, with debt and other money worries. However, now is the time to get your finances in order.

It does not matter what your financial situation is; you can always manage it. Whether that means speaking to a financial advisor, consolidating loans, and creating a budget, you can work toward less financial stress if you can manage your money.

Savings can come in other forms, too, other than just plowing money into an account. You can save money on buying essential items such as strollers by hunting around the buy and sell marketplace online, borrowing from friends and family, or considering less expensive options like cloth diapers.

The less you have the spend, the better your financial situation will be. You can also get a lot of freebies and special offers from pregnancy apps. So ensure you do your homework, discuss with other mothers and find out what is out there to help you save money.

Stockpile Essentials

There are going to be so many little things that you need over and over, so it makes sense to start building a stockpile of essential items a long time before the baby arrives. It may help create a list of things to buy, including one-time purchases such as a crib or stroller to constant items like baby wipes. Think about stocking up the freezer and cupboards too. The less you have to leave the house to go to the store in the first few weeks after your baby arrives, the better.

Talk to Your Other Children

If you have other children, you need to inform them in a timely manner. If the child is very young, under three, waiting until a little later in the pregnancy, say the third trimester is probably the best course of action.

Young children will not grasp precisely what you are telling them. The idea of something happening in six months is almost impossible for them to comprehend. This will help them understand what you are saying. For older children, you should tell them earlier, perhaps towards the end of the first trimester. This will give them time to adjust to the situation.

When you tell them, ensure that you are armed with a full list of responses. You do not know how they will react. Some may feel as if you are replacing them; others could be overwhelmed with joy; some may be worried or even scared for you. You really do not know how this may affect them. Do your homework and really try and come up with a suitable solution for all the potential questions. Ensure they know they are loved, and even include them into the pregnancy in some way.

Be Good to Yourself

Sometimes you need to be a little kinder to yourself. Do not give up everything that you enjoy. If you do, you may become a little resentful or even burn out before the baby arrives. This is not good for anyone. Yes, you need to save money, but go to their hair salon if you need a haircut, and enjoy some time as a couple before the baby comes. The best parents have their own priorities catered into their to-do lists. They are aware that they are not slaves to a newborn, they are a parent, and a parent is a human who has needs.