As people age, their housing needs change. They may desire a smaller, simpler space that will be easier to get around in and to maintain both physically and financially. This is where modular houses come in. The following are six reasons why you should consider modular construction for your aging parent’s newest home.

A Modular Home Can Be Built Next to Your Own Home

Their small size and minimal requirements make modular houses extremely versatile in terms of where they can be put up. If you have room on your property, you can build it right next to your own home. This offers benefits like providing emotional support to every member of the family, help ailing seniors heal better and faster, and keep the aging parent secure in the knowledge that they are not alone.

It’s Cost-Efficient

Having your aging parents nearby will not only have a lot of sentimental value, but it will also be a lot cheaper than having to pay the fees for a senior residence of the same standards. You will be sure that they are receiving the very best care while still being very close to the rest of the family. The Building Industry Association of Philadelphia shared a report that estimated the cost of a modular home to be between 9% and 20% lower than regular construction. This makes it an even more attractive and cost-efficient option.

You Can Customize the Home to Your Parent’s Needs

Since you know your parent best, you can give the modular home a personal touch that they would otherwise miss out on with assisted living and similar arrangements. Setting the home up to reflect the hobbies and interests they had in their youth will make them calmer and happier. It will also be easy for them to communicate any special additions they need, which provides an opportunity for bonding.

Enhanced Safety

It is a lot easier to make sure your parents are safe when they are in a modular home. This is because you are directly in charge of their safety and security, which is more effective than trying to keep many senior citizens safe. You can set up a camera to monitor them and install the relevant fittings, including fire safety equipment and carbon level alarms. You can also add an intercom system, which have been used since the 1950s for accessing apartment buildings. This will allow you to communicate with your parent quickly and efficiently.

Proper Socialization

You don’t have to worry about your parents participating in proper socialization when they are in a modular home that you can easily access. It will be common to share meals, pass the time together, and even go for walks or drives together without a lot of bureaucracy to check them in and out of a facility.

You Can Ensure Their Health Is In Check

Since you can see your aging parent any time, it will be possible to tell if anything is amiss. If they start to feel unwell you can simply get them to a doctor, or even bring one in for a house visit. Since everyone is encouraged to see a doctor for general health checkups at least once a year, you’ll be able to ensure they keep up with necessary appointments year-round.

With families growing more distant as people move around in search of better opportunities and lifestyles, you can make sure you keep yours together. If you have an aging parent whom you are thinking about getting more care for while allowing them to maintain their independence, consider a modular home. Building one for them next to your house may be the best thing you do for both their physical and mental health.