Are you fed up because you can’t travel right now? Had you been considering a visit to one, or several, iconic spots in the US?

If so the good news is that you may not be missing out after all, because while some people find visiting iconic attractions, such as the Golden Gate Bridge or Empire State Building, to be wonderful experiences, others have had some rather hilarious things to say about these places.

Some of these reviews are so funny, that Apartment Guide decided to put them on posters. Check out some of these hilarious Yelp reviews of 10 iconic U.S. attractions on the posters below. You can download all of the posters with or without the reviews, and read the rest of the reviews here.

Negative Golden Gate Bridge Reviews

  • “The bridge just….. sat there.” – Jared L.
  • “I’m not a fan of the color red.” – Michael R.
  • “Very disappointing. Sad. This “bridge” was neither golden nor a gate.” – Colby W.
  • “Really overrated, really difficult bike ride, really windy, really crowded. I wish someone told me to wear earmuffs. I also wish I didn’t waste so many hours doing the bike ride. It’s a bridge. It’s just a bridge.” – Samantha R.
  • “Not sure what all these five star reviews are about, this bridge sucks!! International Orange? That isn’t even a real color, bridges aren’t allowed to invent color names.” – Jordan A.

Negative Yosemite National Park Reviews

  • “You have to pay $35 just to get in and then it’s an hour of driving before you get to anything worthwhile. The views on the drive up are the same as in the park. My family and I will NOT be returning to this disgrace of a national park anytime soon. Very disappointed.” – Marc M.
  • “We didn’t even see any bears on our visit – how lame is that.” – David H.
  • “Trees block views and too many grey rocks.” – Vern S.
  • “They had a few pretty sceneries for a photo op but a lot of the trails were closed. NOT a good time to go. It was not a ‘winter wonderland’.” – Jennifer N.
  • “Only trees and road, nothing else. One waterfall and several busy and booked camping area.”  – A T.