A typical garden when you have young children comprises play equipment, and lots of it. Because of the risk of drowning, it’s unusual to find a pond. Likewise, we avoid bird baths, rock gardens and anything even potentially dangerous. Once your children become teenagers, there are many things that you can do to update your garden taking their (hopeful) increased level of maturity into account. Continue reading for our advice.


First things first, you really need to sort out all the old garden toys and play equipment that you no longer require. If things are in good condition, you could sell them via Facebook marketplace or at a yard sale. For things in need of a little TLC, pass them on to someone who wants a project or perhaps someone who could repurpose them. The most important thing is to start with a blank canvas and get rid of that potentially boring family-friendly garden feeling.

Patio Area

Wooden garden furniture on terrace with a floor constructed of wood boards

It is not necessarily the case that your teenager will want to sit with friends in the garden. However, you will, so creating a lovely area in which to do that is imperative. You no longer need to worry too much about the table not being made from glass in case the youngsters bump into it a little too enthusiastically.

Now is your opportunity to choose exactly what you like with no restrictions. And finding your perfect furniture, you might now consider a larger barbecue with no adult on guard at all times. Gas barbecues are great, but nothing really beats the flavor of food cooked on a traditional charcoal one.


Bird tables and water features are always a worry with young children. Will they topple them over and break them? Or will the table topple over and break the children’s bones?

Now, you have the freedom to choose a bird table that appeals to you and has intricate decoration. For those of you who are fans of water features, angel outdoor fountains are popular at the moment. Stunning pieces, they definitely spark conversation. You could also go for a large wall mounted clock or thermometer for both aesthetic and functional reasons.

Vegetable Patch

Vegetable set: ripe tomatoes, paprika, zuccini and an aggplant ob a rustic wooden background with a copy space

When the children were younger, you may have worried about not having enough time to spend focusing on growing vegetables or perhaps you were concerned that they would dig (probably with their hands) in the compost and ruin any chances of them growing.

Whatever the reason for avoiding having a patch, now is your time to reconsider. It can be rewarding growing your own food. Homegrown produce really tastes far better than anything you buy in the supermarket. If your time is still limited, there are things you can choose that need little support. Zucchini is a great choice if you would like to grow something versatile as they grow fairly quickly. Be sure to keep them under control though or you’ll be eating zucchini cake, zucchini fritters, zucchini pickles and zucchini everything. Alternatively, treat your neighbors to some homegrown delights. They’ll be very pleased to have you living nearby!