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Keeping Learning Fun With @ReadingEggs

There is a great deal more to Reading Eggs than the central program, and so this month I’d like to share some additional ways in which your child can learn both reading and math (if I have my Canadian citizenship hat on) or maths (if I have my British citizenship hat on).

Reading Egg Apps

Reading Eggs has 17 apps available for download on both iOS and Android. While one, the Reading Eggs Learn To Read App, is a mobile version of the main program, the other sixteen apps cover everything from multiplication tables and learning to tell the time to Egg Animal Stories and Spelling Games.

Our favourite two are:

Eggy Times Tables

Suitable for ages 5-10, Eggy Times Tables features highly engaging activities to make learning fun, and is available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Featuring a cast of hilarious characters, colorful animations, catchy music and exciting Mashies rewards to collect, your child will love completing each one of the 5 highly interactive activities, carefully designed to build and reinforce essential multiplication skills.

Each unique activity has 2 or 3 difficulty levels so that children continue challenging themselves and making real progress as they play. They will have fun throwing multiplication pies at Grandpa, completing a multiplication grid, stopping the spider from getting the bugs, connecting bees to their matching flowers and helping Ali return to his palace.

Developed by the trusted team of educators who brought you Reading Eggs and Mathseeds, there’s no easier way to motivate your child to learn the times tables than with Eggy Times Tables!

The Eggsperts Appisodes

Your child can watch, interact and play along with The Eggsperts and their friends in these interactive appisodes. Featuring stunning 3D animated episodes, along with interactive educational games, the Eggsperts series is a wonderful new way to inspire language play.

Key Features

  • A full length 3D high-end animated episode.
  • Three fun interactive educational games that build knowledge of letters and sounds.
  • Karaoke sing-along to an Eggsperts song.
  • Suitable for children aged 3 – 7 years.

However, not everything to do with Reading Eggs requires a screen.

There are a range of Reading Eggs Activity books which are aligned with, but do not repeat, the online program as well as Flashcards, puzzles, and more.

Reading Eggs Reading Eggs -Level 1: Starting Out – Activity Book Set

For children with little or no reading skills. It fully supports and reinforces lessons 1–40 of the Reading Eggs program. This set of books will help children to:

  • recognize alphabet letters
  • write letters correctly
  • hear letter sounds
  • develop phonics skills
  • match pictures to sounds
  • practice their handwriting
  • read and write simple words and sentences.