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It’s fair to say we’re all looking for ways to make our meals that little bit healthier. We’ve started using healthier ingredients and preparing things from scratch. Nevertheless, there’s still something standing in the way of optimal healthiness: our cooking methods. 

The way we cook our food will have an impact on how healthy it is. Some methods add extra calories while others take away nutrients. Listen, no cooking method will be 100% perfect without any flaws. But there are a few ways of cooking food that are better than some of the more conventional options. With the right appliances/gadgets, you can cook things with more nutrients and fewer calories. 

Carry on reading to discover three kitchen gadgets/appliances that are surprisingly healthy…

The Microwave

Hold up, everything you’ve ever been told about microwaves suggests they’re unhealthy. This is – generally – a load of nonsense. In terms of healthy food prep, microwaves tend to be healthier than other cooking methods, like frying, poaching, or baking. 

Why? Because your microwave will cook things for a shorter period without adding any water. The short cooking duration means there’s less time for nutrients to be destroyed, rendering you with foods that are likely to be healthier. It’s a great way to cook certain vegetables to help them retain all of their vitamins & minerals. 

An Instant Pot

An Instant Pot – or multicooker – is a gadget that combines pressure cookers and slow cookers into one thing. Right away, this presents some considerable health benefits. You cook at a much lower temperature than you would in an oven or under a grill, retaining more nutrients. At the same time, you cook for less time than a traditional slow cooker because of the pressure. This means you preserve more of the goodness within your meals. 

Plus, Instant Pots pave the way for all kinds of fun and healthy recipes. You can make healthier casseroles and curries – or you could even learn how to make ribs in an Instant Pot at It’s such a unique cooking method that offers more meal diversity, helping you eat healthier foods without getting bored! 

An Air Fryer

Air fryers are all the rage thanks to many reports that they’re energy-efficient and could help you save money. However, they also present a much healthier alternative to frying. Minimal oil is needed in an air fryer to get it to work its magic. As such, you add considerably fewer calories to your meals. 

Using an air fryer is a genius idea if you want to add some crispness to certain foods. It’s probably the best way to cook potatoes to get a nice crunch without slathering them in oil. Many things can be cooked in this appliance – if you ever need to fry something, use an air fryer instead. 

Arming yourself with the right kitchen gadgets will help you be healthy. Remember, it’s all about knowing the best ways to prepare your food so it remains nutritionally beneficial. The three options above are healthier than conventional cooking methods, so why don’t you give them a go?